Zyppah RX is only one of the hundreds of stop snoring aids that are out there. Maybe one of them can help you or your loved one quit snoring, adding to your quality of life and improving your overall health and well-being.

Zyppah RXAlthough many people treat snoring as a joking matter, it can have some very un-funny consequences. The sleep disturbance caused by snoring can leave you feeling exhausted, increasing your chances of accidents related to overtiredness.  Recent research also indicates that snoring increases your chances of having a stroke.

Whether you’re concerned about your health or just want your sleeping partner to stop snoring, finding an easy solution that doesn’t involve invasive surgery is a priority. But which of the many anti-snoring home remedies should you try? We reviewed eight of the top-selling brands on the market today (for comparison table – click here), basing our conclusions on multiple reviews from a wide variety of sources.

Check out our Zyppah RX review: we bring you a collection of stop snoring mouthpiece reviews that we hope will guide you towards the best way to stop snoring.

Zyppah Review – Does This Mouthpiece Work?

Snoring and some types of sleep apnea result from constriction of the throat during sleep. This is caused by the jaw falling backwards causing the soft palate to collapse into apposition that blocks the airways. Sometimes, the tongue comes into play too.

The Zyppah RX aims to fix both problems with a special mouthpiece that supports the jaw and also secures the tongue. If your airways are kept open, you’re instantly preventing snoring. Zyppah RX hopes to become the best stop snoring device by adopting this unusual, two-pronged approach with its mouthguard.

An interesting feature is the Zyppah’s ‘boil and bite’ concept that ensures the mouth guard fits your individual mouth and dentition perfectly. During the fitting process, you heat up the Zyppah mouth-guard before placing it in your mouth and biting down to make an impression of your teeth.

Many other devices omit this feature, but we think it is an important one since a poorly fitting oral device will cause discomfort and may even damage your teeth. Should Zyppah RX be your choice in stop snoring devices? Let’s consider all the facts.

What Are The Results of Our Zyppah Review?

Although the Zyppah RX has not been tested in any independent medical trials that we could find, Zyppah works on the same principle as the My Snoring Solution product that we investigate elsewhere. As a result, we can expect the same sort of favourable results – provided you can sleep with it on.

If Zyppah is to be believed, the addition of a feature that secures the tongue, preventing it from relaxing and falling back to block your airways during sleep, should add a double whammy to the equation. Bear in mind that oral appliances for reducing snoring usually fall into two categories: tongue stabilizing devices (TSDs) or mandibular advancement devices (MADs). Zyppah combines the two strategies.

After all, My Snoring Solution’s product only supports the jaw and doesn’t do anything about the tongue. Let’s take a look at how Zyppah mouth guard will treat snoring in practice by summing up the findings of anti-snoring devices reviews from around the world.

What About Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea, the interruption of breathing during sleep, can have a variety of causes and can range from mild to severe. Many snorers also have a mild form of sleep apnea. Can Zyppah anti-snoring device make a difference?

If you have severe sleep apnea, you should certainly consult a doctor. If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, you need to determine the cause of your condition.

If your breathing is shut off by relaxation of the upper airways during sleep, then it is likely that a MAD like the Zyppah will reduce or even prevent sleep apnea. However, if you have been formally diagnosed, chances are you have a severe form of sleep apnea. Sleep specialists say that mild sleep apnea often goes undetected, even by the person who experiences it.

What are People Saying About Zyppah RX ?

Many people who have tried Zyppah anti-snoring device say that it works for them. There are some who express reservations, particularly relating to comfort, but there’s no denying that it can fix snoring in a large number of cases.

Those who said that Zyppah mouth-guard was somewhat uncomfortable remarked that some devices are even more bulky and that although the flexible tongue strap felt strange, it didn’t cause gagging. However, not everyone found the tongue strap tolerable.

In addition, most people say that it is easy to breathe when wearing Zyppah device since it includes passages for air flow. Again, not everybody had such a positive experience.

As for the look, we were surprised to see that some people actually don’t mind it – with one Zyppah reviewer even remarking that it looked “sporty.” Another commentator mentioned the “vibrant” colours while a third used the word “chic.”

At this point, we find ourselves questioning their sense of aesthetics – after all, even sporting mouthguards are hardly fashion items! However, we thought it worth a mention since people’s tastes differ. If you think a vibrantly coloured mouthguard is sexy, then this one is undoubtedly for you!

But looks mean nothing if a product isn’t effective. We dug down to find the details. Could Zyppah RX be the solution to snoring you’ve been looking for?

Zyppah Reviewed – What We Like About Zyppah

  • The theory behind Zyppah’s design is completely sound. It should ease snoring and provide relief from snoring for many sufferers. But it does depend on the cause of your snoring.
  • The Zyppah device is FDA approved for safety. Thus, you don’t have to worry about BPA or other recognized toxins from plastics leaching out of the device and into your system.
  • Zyppah is nicely constructed, and it looks reasonably durable. You probably will have to replace it from time to time, but it isn’t as flimsy as some of the other devices we reviewed. Most people seem to find that it lasts between six and nine months, which isn’t a bad track-record. However, there were also people who said it lasted from as little as three weeks to three months. The jury is out on this one.
  • On the flipside, we also saw a lot of more complicated and bulkier devices. This one takes the middle road.
  • You get a personalised fit thanks to the boil and bite concept. However, be careful when following the instructions for fitting. Take your time and get it right.
  • Almost everyone comments on the Zyppah’s great looks. We agree that it doesn’t look bad out of the mouth, but suspend belief when it comes to how you’ll look when wearing it.
  • Zyppah says that its product was designed by a dentist, so presumably, it won’t be bad for your teeth unless you already have dental issues. If so, be sure to consult a professional before considering using any kind of MAD.
  • Although most snoring is caused by upper airway constriction, some snoring is caused by the tongue slipping backwards to obstruct the airway. We’re not sure if the tongue restraint is absolutely necessary in all instances, but it is a strategy that could add to device’s anti-snoring capabilities.
  • Zyppah has a money-back guarantee. But we found references to difficulty in cashing in on it, and whether you get a refund or not, you still need to cover shipping.
  • It’s relatively easy to keep clean.

What We Don’t Like About Zyppah

  • The name: for a device on which there is no published research that we could trace, using the acronym “RX” lends it credibility we are not certain it has earned. We find this somewhat misleading. Your medical insurance probably won’t cover it – the magazine Dental Economics confirms that insurance only covers custom appliances purchased through your dentist. As a caveat, however, there is a costlier, custom-fitted version of the Zyppah that IS covered by insurance – but you would need to get it through your dentist.
  • Zyppah definitely doesn’t work for everyone. Of course, you could say that about MADs in general, but some unhappy reviewers were particularly irate. Part of this seems to be related to the “money-back” guarantee which, they say, is nearly impossible to get a refund on. We suspect admin hitches rather than the scam that some accused the company of, but it’s worth bearing in mind.
  • A lot of people have trouble sleeping at all with something in the mouth. The tongue restraint may present an additional element of discomfort. Some zyppah reviewers said it felt “strange.” A few said that the tongue was tender the following morning.
  • There are complaints from users who say that your jaw and tongue will be sore for the first few days. However, this is a common complaint among those using mandibular advancement devices for the first time. Most people say they get used to it in a few days.
  • Although many people said Zyppah didn’t made them gag, we did find some genuine-seeming reviews from people who said that it made them gag the minute they put it into their mouth.
  • People differed on how easy it was to breathe with the device in place. Some said it was easy. Others said it was difficult. We attribute this to the fact that while the bite surface is customizable, the device as a whole is not.
  • It’s less affordable than the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap.
  • It may cause drooling by triggering the salivation reflex – Yuk! Of course, so will almost any mouthguard for snoring. However, some reviewers felt that they drooled more with the Zyppah than they did with other mouthpieces. Could this be a result of the tongue restraining feature?
  • You can’t use Zyppah if you have dentures, missing teeth, capped teeth, new implants, or loose teeth. Consult your dentist if you are interested in trying this product and are not certain that your teeth are up to it.
  • Although there is room for some customization, Zyppah comes in one size. That means it won’t fit absolutely everybody.

As you can see from our pros and cons sections, we found a lot of contradictions about this product. On one website featuring a glowing review, there was a long litany of one-star reviews right beneath the five-star one. Even bearing in mind that people are more likely to speak out when unhappy than they are when happy, we found this a little odd.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that this product seems to be a good try. It may work for you, but it seems a shame to shell out two or more times the amount of money you’d pay for a My Snoring Solution Chinstrap. Despite the many advantages of the Zyppah, we feel that it should not be your first choice.

Check out our comprehensive comparative table of anti snoring device reviews – here to see how Zyppah RX fared in our analysis of top-selling anti-snoring devices. You are welcome to draw your own conclusions from the data – it’s unlikely that they will differ from ours!

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