An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece With Potential | My ZQuiet Review

I’m someone who suffers from pretty bad congestion from time to time, so I can’t always breathe through my nose. This made my search for an anti-snoring device a little tricky. I had tried a few snoring solutions before, but not in a systematic way. I became determined to find the perfect snoring solution because my snoring was waking me up several times per night.

I had read that ZQuiet has over half a million customers who gave it positive reviews. I supposed that so many people couldn’t all be wrong. That’s why I took a chance on the ZQuiet.

How Does it Work?

ZQuiet is a mouthpiece device. I purchased the ZQuiet because it seemed to have a smaller profile than other mouthguards. The are many anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market, but a dentist designed this product.   I had previously asked my local dentist, and she told me there are over two hundred oral appliances available, but very few approved for over-the-counter sales.  What I liked about ZQuiet was that you didn’t have to see approved by a dentist or sleep specialist to get one. I just went on their website and ordered it.

The ZQuiet website had a couple of interesting deals. You could pay right away for one, which is $79.95 plus shipping and handling. If you did that you could get a second one for half price. I could see the advantages of that as it would allow you to keep one safe at home and another in an overnight bag.

You also had the option of paying a 30-day trial fee of $9.95. The company would then charge you the rest of the cost if you decided to keep the product.  I don’t like to hassle with returns and deadlines, so I went with the first deal.

Their return policy seemed pretty on the level too for the full product, so I wasn’t worried about returning it if I had to.

The ZQuiet Arrives

What was also great was the ZQuiet was ready out of the box. Other mouthguards involve boiling and biting, which can be a hassle and not something I wanted to deal with.

At first, the ZQuiet doesn’t seem all that different from a mouthguard for sports, or any other mouthguard you’ve seen before. It uses a Hinge Technology that allows you to talk while wearing it. That was another big plus for me.

Supposedly, it’s a feature that is unique to ZQuiet. Most other mouthpiece anti-snoring devices are stationary. I had assumed the opposite would be true. I couldn’t imagine wearing a stationary one.

How it Felt in My Mouth

There was no setup for the ZQuiet, so I put it in my mouth as soon as I got it out of the box. The ZQuiet comes with two mouthpieces which are different sizes. That allows you to choose between two distances to have your lower jaw pushed forward. That’s the specific mechanism used to stop your snoring.

I tried one on, and it felt like my jaw was sticking way too far forward. I switched to the smaller sized mouthpiece, and that felt much better. The mouthpiece fit my mouth in terms of jaw advancement, but it was pushing up on my gums a little bit. I had to trim it with some scissors to get it to fit right, but the company had provided instructions on how to do that.

I’m pretty sure ZQuiet has the slimmest design of any anti-snoring mouthpiece available. It feels very flexible, comfortable and soft.

The First Night Using the ZQuiet Mouthpiece

I had tried some snoring solutions before, but sort of half-heartedly. The ZQuiet didn’t feel like an invasive piece of alien technology in my mouth. Given the testing I had done earlier, it felt natural.

The day I used the ZQuiet I was pretty congested. This made for an ideal testing ground the ZQuiet’s airflow ports. They worked perfectly, and I could breathe easily. With that anxiety set aside, I was cleared for a great first night with the Zquiet.

In the morning I woke up feeling rested, the ZQuiet had not disturbed my sleep.  I had not woken up during the night from my snoring.  So, my main concern had been that wearing something unusual in my mouth would kill my sleep!

Continuing Use

The ZQuiet has proven to be a trusty companion over the last few weeks I have been using it. After a while, it began to feel like a natural part of my sleep routine.

I hear that mouthpiece anti-snoring devices don’t work for everyone, because not every snorer is the same. I’m glad this worked for me because I wouldn’t want my snoring to lead to a divorce somewhere down the road!  I hadn’t done a lot of research into the different causes of snoring, but I guess the ZQuiet takes care of what causes my snoring.

Other Things I Should Mention

If you’re a health freak, then you’ll be glad to know that the ZQuiet is made from FDA approved materials. There’s no BPA and no latex. The ZQuiet is also really easy to clean which as a huge relief for me.

The lifespan of the ZQuiet is expected to be around 12 months. So, I’m about a quarter of the way into its lifecycle. That means you should expect to reorder once a year. If you wash it every day, it will extend the lifespan.

Other reviews I have read said that it may take up to seven nights to see a reduction in snoring from using the ZQuiet. So, if you are still snoring on night one, don’t give up right away. I think I may be an outlier in the fact that it worked for me on night one.

The limited size adjustment options may be an issue for you. With just two sizes, I speculate that anyone with a very small jaw, or a very large one, won’t be able to fit the ZQuiet properly.

I did not experience any jaw pain after using the ZQuiet, but I have read that this is a possibility. That’s something to consider when thinking of buying a ZQuiet. Also, they don’t recommend it for people with dentures or weak teeth, but that didn’t impact me.

Final Thoughts

The ZQuiet did an effective job of reducing my snoring. This mouthpiece allows you to breathe through your mouth while using it. It’s also bendable so you can move your jaw and speak while wearing it.

All in all, it’s a very non-intrusive mouthguard, a feature that was important to me. If you feel anxiety about being “trapped” or “locked-in” by a stationary mouthpiece, the ZQuiet is probably the one for you.

I also didn’t have any issues with drooling while using the ZQuiet. That’s another big check in the pro column for me, as drooling is pretty unsightly. If you’re looking for an anti-snoring mouth device, give the ZQuiet a try. It’s slim and sleek and a perfect option if you want something that is going to be discreet.

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