ZQuietIf you’re hoping to quit snoring, read this ZQuiet review. After all, you’ll be investigating all the top stop snoring devices reviews that you can find. We attempt to take the legwork out of researching anti-snoring devices, helping you to find the best stop snoring mouthpiece to suit your individual needs.

How did we arrive at our conclusions? In order to help you to determine which anti-snoring remedies you should try, we’ve gathered all the information and stories about stop snoring aids that we can find. We’ve combed through the data for patterns, and we’ve looked for pros as well as cons. The result is, we believe, a balanced overview of all the upsides and downsides you can expect when you try an anti-snoring device.

The ZQuiet Mouthpiece is one of the more popular options available, so we were able to find a great many reviews – some positive, some negative. We compare the ZQuiet mouth-guard to other stop snoring devices and look into the likelihood of it being a cure for snoring.ZQuiet Works

Sleep apnea that’s related to snoring and hypopnea (really loud snoring) as well as ordinary snoring are caused by constriction of the upper airway during sleep. Why does this only happen when you’re sleeping? Your jaw falls backward and inward, forcing the airway to constrict, and the resulting vibration is what you hear when someone snores. Although not all snoring is caused in this way, a great many cases are.

The ZQuiet device is worn inside the mouth and it is supposed to force the jaw into a forward position that will keep your airways open at night. ZQuiet is designed to prevent snoring by keeping the upper airway open in much the same way first-aiders deal with the issue when treating an unconscious person.

We are happy with the basic principle of ZQuiet so far. A lot of anti-snoring devices that work are based on the same principle. But ow for the ninety million dollar question: does it work, and could it be an alternative to costly surgery for those who absolutely must stop snoring for health reasons?

This is a genuine concern. Scientists say that reduced blood oxygenation caused by night time snoring has several health risks, among which an increased likelihood of strokes.

ZQuiet Review – Does it Work ?

Since the ZQuiet device works on the same principle as all MAD devices, it may help to ease or even eliminate snoring. Fix the jaw in the right position, and the airways stay open. The theory behind this product is 100% sound. But is this device the best way to stop snoring? Does ZQuiet work? We investigate.

Are There any Positive Reviews From Customers?

We’re still not sold on an anti-snoring product that is worn inside the mouth, but some customers, in their ZQuiet reviews, said that this device is surprisingly comfortable. According to most of the ZQuiet reviews on the internet, not everyone is as impressed, however.

The material is very thin and judging from what some reviewers are saying, not very durable. This is likely a trade-off that has been made with comfort in mind. ZQuiet is certainly less bulky than some of the mouthguards out there.

It doesn’t mould to your mouth, but it has a little hinge that lets you talk or drink water without first having to remove your mouth guard. Because it attempts to address the mechanical cause of snoring, you may get instant relief – provided it fits properly and holds your jaw in the correct position. Therein lies the big problem with this device.

Several other mouthguards we looked at had a fitting process that allows you to create a mould of your teeth on the mouthguard. Given that dentists even recommend a custom fit for anti-teeth-grinding mouthguards, we find the lack of customization a little worrying.

Could it damage your teeth or push them out of alignment over time? After all, modern tooth aligners are also just “trays” that fit over the teeth – but they’re customized to your mouth. ZQuiet isn’t.

This having been said, there are positive reviews for this product, so we are confident that it would work for some people.

What we like about ZQuiet

  • You don’t have to take it out if you want to say something or have a sip of water.
  • ZQuiet moves as your jaw moves – or it’s supposed to anyway. We assume that the hinge has its limitations. However, most people say that they can talk with their mouthpiece in – a decided advantage over Mandibular Advancement Devices that hold your mouth closed.
  • ZQuiet covers your teeth, so it will also give you some protection if you grind your teeth at night.
  • Most people found ZQuiet comfortable when compared with other mouthpiece-type stop snoring devices. They say the thin, lightweight construction is the reason. However, this could also be a drawback since you’ll need more frequent replacements.
  • Provided it fits, and holds your jaw in the correct position, it can help to reduce snoring.
  • You get two slightly different mouthpieces that hold the jaw in different positions. If one fails to work as you hoped, the other might do the job. We guess that this little bonus is precisely because there is no fitting process. If plan A doesn’t work, the makers offer you a plan B.
  • It’s FDA approve for safety – no need to worry about nasties in the plastic leaching into your system from your mouthguard.
  • ZQuiet is easy to clean with a regular toothbrush.
  • ZQuiet comes with a money-back guarantee (more on this later).

What we don’t like about ZQuiet

  • You don’t have to fit it. It’s a one size fits all item. This might sound like an advantage, but we find it to be the biggest drawback of the product. You can trim it to size, but some people are sure to find it uncomfortable nonetheless.
  • You can’t adjust it. If plans A and B (from the two, slightly different mouthpieces you’ll get) don’t work, the device isn’t going to work. Compare that to admittedly bulkier devices that allow for adjustment. Which has the better chance of working? It seems logical to say that more adjustments equal a better chance at finding the sweet spot for your jaw.
  • If you would like to cure snoring instantly it might work for you. Then again, it might not. ZQuiet reviews are mixed. It depends on the shape of your jaw.
  • You can’t use it if you have dental problems or if you wear dentures. However, this is true of most mouthguards that fit over the teeth. Consult your dentist before trying this product.
  • ZQuiet goes into the mouth, so you drool reflexively. Once again, this is a drawback you can expect with all mouthguards. On the plus side, some reviewers said they didn’t notice extra drooling. One suggested that this might be because you are able to swallow while wearing the mouthgurard.
  • There are complaints from people who say that the jaw hurts in the morning. Once again, this is a fairly common complaint with mandibular advancement devices (MADs), but we did think the incidence of complaints somewhat higher than it was with other mouthguards.
  • Possibly because of the problems with fit, there are complaints from some consumers that it falls out at night.
  • Other consumers say that it stays in, but is uncomfortable. Unfortunately, one size fits all won’t work for every jaw! However, we’re not sure if these reviewers have tried using other mouthguard-type devices. Those who say they have tend to say that ZQuiet isn’t as hard to get used to as some other brands.
  • Just like the device, the money back guarantee doesn’t seem to work for everyone. We found some serious complaints about inefficiency, bad customer service, and money getting debited even after the consumer had returned the product By the sounds of it, ZQuiet makes it so difficult to get your money back, that you may as well not even try.

Points We’re Undecided About

The softness and flexibility of this mouthpiece are often seen as plus points, but were not sure that a flexible mouthguard will hold your jaw in the correct position. It may encourage it, but if the hinge allows you to open your mouth, surely it will also allow the lower jaw to slip into the airway-blocking position you want to avoid.

ZQuiet reviewers seem to feel that it still advances the lower jaw, but we were a little disappointed to see that they mostly talk about “reducing” snoring rather than ending it altogether.

Having looked at the “living hinge technology,” we were a little underwhelmed. It’s the patented hinge that’s one of ZQuiet’s top selling points. This having been said, most customers who reviewed ZQuiet felt that the device had some positive effect on their snoring. Few claim to have stopped snoring altogether, but a majority was happy with the reduction it was able to give.

Users say that you have to sleep with your mouth slightly open when you’re wearing the device. That’s fine if you’re used to it, but not if you tend to sleep with your mouth closed and dislike the dry mouth that comes from sleeping with an open mouth. At least we can be sure that you’ll still be able to breathe. Airflow holes allow you to breathe through your mouth when sleeping – helpful if you tend to get hay fever or when you have a cold.

ZQuiet Reviewed – What’s the Bottom Line?

Consumers are divided about ZQuiet. While some sites score it as a 4 to 4.5 out of five, others score it as a two out of five. Thus, you’ll either be pleased with your purchase or else rather unhappy. We think the majority of the complaints stem from the company’s attempt to create a one-size-fits-all solution for a device that fits inside people’s mouth.

Other complaints are the predictable “signs of wear” to the thin, light material of which it is made. ZQuiet opted to keep its device unobtrusive, but that’s resulting in some issues with durability.

The theory behind the ZQuiet is good. Indeed, it does seem to work for many of the people who have tried it. However, we are inclined to feel that this mouthpiece is the one to try after you’ve attempted a few other stop-snoring devices.

Of course, everyone is slightly different, and some people really feel that this is the best solution to stop snoring. Others are a less convinced. Basing our report on what we’ve seen online during our research, we’re not very convinced either.

If you’d like to learn more about the ZQuiet approach, start here.

The bottom line? It’s a possibility, but it’s not the best anti snoring device as some ZQuiet reviews suggest. It’s quite a good way to treat snoring for some people, but we still prefer the AirSnore Drops. Take a look at our review table of anti snoring mouthpieces to see why.

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