Top 4 Snoring Remedies That Are Worth Trying

Snoring is a common sleeping issue. Everyone can snore, but some people suffer from it regularly. Not only does the snorer suffer, but the people sleeping with them are also affected resulting in sleepless nights and strained relationships.

Snoring is completely different than sleep apnea. Note that snoring is just an indicator of a much serious condition called sleep apnea. Keep in mind that sleep apnea is a severe sleeping disorder where the person stops breathing during his sleep. If left untreated, sleep apnea could cause high blood pressure and heart attack due to lack of oxygen intake while you sleep. As such, frequent snorers should immediately consult their doctors to rule out sleep apnea.

On the other hand, snoring is just a result of the vibration in your air passages while you are sleeping. The vibration is caused by the air being forced through your blocked airways. The airways can often be blocked by your tongue or the soft tissues in your mouth.

There are specially-designed devices to address the cause of snoring. Let us discuss them below.




These are devices that are fitted to keep your lower jaw forward. This slight movement will prevent the soft tissues from collapsing to your air passage. Some mouthpieces, like Zyppha, has a particular tongue band that gives extra hold to your tongue. (You can read our in-depth review of this device here)

The only complaint for this product is the discomfort felt after wearing it. This is normal because the lower jaw is moved slightly from its normal resting position. With frequent use, the mouth will eventually get used to the device, resulting in lesser pain.

Chin Straps

Chin Strap

Chin Strap

The chin strap works by keeping your mouth closed while you sleep. This is more convenient to use because you do not have to perform any customization process or thorough cleaning. The only issue here is you cannot breathe through our mouth while wearing the chin straps. It will be difficult to breathe if you use it when you have colds.

In addition, it may not be as effective because the strap doesn’t stop the soft tissues from collapsing to the air passages. The chin strap can also come loose while you sleep. (Read in-depth Chin Strap review here)

Nasal Products

These are nasal strips or other product that you put in your nostrils to prevent snoring. This product is helpful for when you have a clogged nose. However, since the source of snoring is in the mouth area, it would not be as effective.

Anti-Snoring Sprays and Pills

PillsThe spray and pills work by keeping your sinuses clear. The ingredients are all natural making it useful for easing nose stuffiness caused by colds and allergy. However, frequent snoring is not caused by a blockage in the nasal passage, so it will not be effective if the source of the snore is coming from your mouth.

Here are some of the devices available on the market. In this comparison, the most efficient device for snoring would be a mouthpiece device because it addresses the primary cause of snoring. It may have a painful side effect, but it could be relieved once you get used to the product. You can, however, try the other devices is you are not willing to endure the short side effect of the anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Just remember to consult with your doctor regarding your snoring problem so that he can ensure that you are not suffering from sleep apnea.

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