Looking for a Good Night's Sleep | My SnoreRx Review

Snoring has been a problem for me for decades.  I’ve tried every product on the market throughout the years.    When I purchased SnoreRx, I had tested CPAP, TRD’s, and sprays without success.

SnoreRx is a mouthpiece, specifically a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). You stick it in your mouth at night, and it changes the position of your jaw, keeping your airways open.

While I had used some MADs before, they had been uncomfortable. I was a little wary about wearing something this big in my mouth at night. Would it be too uncomfortable to fall sleep?

A lot of people recommend the SnoreRx in online message boards and reviews. That compelled me to take the SnoreRx for a spin.

First Impressions of the Product

The product arrived at my house within three days of ordering. When you open it, it just looks like a strange piece of plastic, and you wonder how you’re going to fit it in your mouth. It looks similar to a sports mouth guard or a mouth guard that protects against grinding your teeth.

You have to deploy a technique called “boil-and-bite” when you first get it, to make it form to the unique shape of your mouth. That’s why it looks a little funny at first. It’s a straightforward process and took me just a few minutes to complete.

You bring a pot of water to a boil, take it off the burner, so it’s not still boiling. You drop the SnoreRx in there for about 90 seconds so it can become pliable. It says to be very precise in the timing here and I agree: I wouldn’t leave it in hot water for more than 90 seconds as you wouldn’t want it to become too flimsy.

You’re going to want to have some tongs on hand to fish it out of the water. After you cool it off in some cold water for a few seconds, you put it in your mouth and bite down. Biting down will mold the exact impression of your teeth into the SnoreRx’s plastic.

If you don’t see deep tooth impressions, you can boil it again up to three times. Mine came out looking good the first time. Overall it was a painless and easy process.

The First Night Using the SnoreRx

Well, it did make me drool, as I feared.  I understand that is to be expected the first few times.  The second element of customization comes into play when you first use it during sleep. What the company calls its “Flex-Jaw” design allows you to adjust how far forward it will move your jaw. It works by moving your bottom jaw forward, so you can adjust that in 1 mm increments up to 10 mm.

You’ll want to find the measurement that is comfortable for you. I found that it was best to underestimate how much you want your bottom jaw to move forward. Just move it forward enough so that it’s gently pulling on your soft palate. This will stop the soft palate from closing over your throat when you sleep.

It may take you a few nights to get used to it (that’s what the drooling was all about). The first morning I woke up there was a little bit of discomfort from wearing it all night. However, the second night I reduced the amount of jaw advancement, and there was less discomfort on the second morning.

The good news is that my snoring was reduced. I use a snoring app to track the loudness of my snoring, and the readings were way down that first morning.

Long-term Usage

I was happy that I sorted out the comfort aspect fairly quickly. If you’re going to be wearing something in your mouth every night, comfort is a serious concern.

The general concept behind the SnoreRx is a proven one. Mandibular advancement is something that works to silence your loud snoring.  However, I’ve read online that they don’t work for everyone.  This is where features come in like adjustability and sizing.   SnoreRx offers excellent bang for your buck in this regard.


The Flex-Jaw was super important. Other MADs I have used that were less adjustable than the SnoreRx were just too uncomfortable to use. There was also a little bit of cushioning in the areas were your teeth rest, which felt good.

The SnoreRx is also designed in a way which lets me breathe through my mouth, which is a real stroke of luck for me. I sometimes don’t have the clearest nasal passages, so I tend to breathe through my mouth. Some other MADs have been total nonstarters for me because they expected you to breathe through your nose while using them.

One thing I liked was that the SnoreRX doesn’t use any metal. That means it will bend to pressure if moves during sleep, rather than pushing into the soft tissue inside your mouth.

Other Caveats

I should mention that the SnoreRx is a bit cumbersome to clean. Ideally, you’re going to be brushing your teeth before you put it on anyway, so it shouldn’t get too dirty too quickly.

However, you will have to clean it from time-to-time, and the detailed construction of the SnoreRx can be a tad difficult to get around. I just went to the drug store and got some affordable cleaning tools for dentures, and they worked a charm.

The Bottom Line

I have used other MADs and other mouth guard anti-snoring devices you can get from the drug store. None of them worked as well as SnoreRx. It’s clear that to stand out in a crowded marketplace, the makers of SnoreRx have put in extra effort into their design and manufacturing. The superior manufacturing quality is reflected in the expected lifespan of the SnoreRx. At 12-to-24 months, its lifespan is about four times as long as the 4-to-6 months that many of its competitors offer.

The bottom line is that it stopped my snoring from the first night. There was some adjustment involved for comfort, but the SnoreRx is so easy to use that adjustment doesn’t pose a serious problem. The performance of any MAD is completely based on how adjustable and customizable it is. The SnoreRX is simply the most customizable MAD I’ve ever used.

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