SnoreRX Review - The Surprising Mouthpiece

SnoreRXSnoring is so much more than just an embarrassing problem that upsets your sleep partner – it’s also bad for you in a great many ways. Recent research that showed an increased chance of suffering a stroke if you snore at night has led to a renewed interest in anti-snoring devices, and SnoreRx is among these.

Even without understanding the health risks associated with snoring, snorers will be keen to end their night time snoring. When you snore, you don’t sleep as deeply as you should, and that leads to fatigue and all the problems that go with it.

There’s just one problem: there is a bewildering proliferation of remedies for snoring these days. Choosing the best anti snoring device to suit your needs can be a complex task. Will SnoreRX be the solution you’re looking for, or is there a better option you should try first?

That’s why we offer anti snoring device reviews to help you decide which stop snoring products are worth trying. We want you to find the best anti snoring device: could this one be the solution you’re looking for? We investigate in our SnoreRX review.

SnoreRX Review - Does It Work ?

Most home remedies for snoring work on the same basic principle: advancing the lower jaw, keeping the airways open during sleep is the best way of preventing snoring instantly. The vast majority of snorers will find that devices that work on this “mandibular advancement” principle are effective – with a few caveats. Not all anti-snore devices are created equal and not everybody snores because of the position of their jaw at night.

Various devices offer a variety of ways of doing just that. The SnoreRx fits inside your mouth, forcing the lower jaw into a more forward position. By doing so, it helps to keep the upper airways open when you relax. Usually, the jaw would fall back, constricting the airways and causing snoring.

However, there are other approaches to curing snoring. Those who experience snoring through the nose can use nasal strip. Some devices such as SnoreRX restrain the tongue at night. Some (like the SnoreLess Pillow) make you sleep on your side, and some jaw advancing devices aren’t worn inside the mouth at all and simply consist of a chin strap.

How we Conducted our SnoreRx Review Process

It would be easy to get one or two people to try SnoreRX and each of the other devices we looked at and use their opinions. But what works or doesn’t work for one or two people doesn’t give us much of a statically relevant conclusion.

There is certainly research that indicates the efficacy of relieving upper airway constriction by moving the jaw into a forward position. More than half of snorers experience snoring because of upper airway constriction that can be relieved in this way. We therefore work under the assumption that this is likely to be your problem, and that wearing a mandibular advanced device (MAD) such as SnoreRX could be the solution.

To form our opinions, we consulted hundreds of consumer reviews, eliminating anything that seemed as if it might not have come from a verified purchaser of the product. Admittedly, there’s still room for the occasional fake review to be taken into account, but we have done our utmost to choose credible sources.

The Big Question: Does SnoreRX Work?

There are some disadvantages to the SnoreRX, but in a nutshell, there’s a chance that it can work for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the theory behind it – but what works in theory isn’t always practical.

Nevertheless, despite its drawbacks (we’ll list these below), some people have chosen it to fix their snoring with success. There are also some very good things about SnoreRX mouth-guard, but when you compare it to other stop snoring aids, it doesn’t rate as the top choice. Feel free to consult our comparative table and see for yourself why we say this.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages that made us decide that while SnoreRX could be a good product for some people, there are better options with more consistent success rates available.

SnoreRX and Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you need to consult your doctor to determine the cause of your problem. For some, the soft tissues of the throat falling closed are the problem, and in this case, a mandibular advancement device (MAD) like the SnoreRx might just work.

However, if your problem is a severe one, you should discuss it, and any remedies you want to try, with your physician. Although some people experience relief from sleep apnea by using a MAD, it would be incorrect to offer this strategy as a panacea for all cases of sleep apnea.

Reviewing SnoreRX- What We Liked About It

The SnoreRx has a few nice features. We prefer to treat severe snoring with something that doesn’t go in the mouth, but the design is pretty nifty:

  • You get a personalized fit. Boil it, let it cool a little, place it, and bite down. It fits perfectly on the teeth instantly.
  • If you don’t get the fitting process right first time around, SnoreRX will handle another fitting attempt.
  • SnoreRX has a calibration device that lets you adjust the angle of your jaw: a big plus over most mandibular advancement devices (MADs).
  • Because you can adjust the fit, your jaw will likely not be as painful in the morning as it will be with one-size-fits-all products. It also means that you can start advancing your jaw’s position over a period of time instead of forcing it into place all at once.
  • When wearing SnoreRX, you can’t move your jaw much, but there’s a little bit more freedom of movement than with some other devices.
  • According to most reviewers, you are able to breathe through your mouth at night.
  • The SnoreRX mouthguard is said to last 11 or more months. However, we did find a review that said it was “not lasting as long as expected.”
  • It has a money-back guarantee. We were not able to discover how successful people were in claiming it although we did find several reviews from people who said it didn’t work for them.

What We Don’t Like About SnoreRX

  • We have mentioned this before with products having an “Rx” tag to the brand name. You will not be able to claim from your insurance for a product you bought online. Implying that this is a “prescription” device is misleading.
  • You will drool while you sleep. It’s not an attractive prospect even if you do quit snoring.
  • Your mouth is constrained all night long. Although this mouthpiece is adjustable to suit your jaw, you will still experience morning discomfort according to many SnoreRx reviews.
  • The majority of complaints we found were related to discomfort. Judging from context, it would seem that you’ll find it very uncomfortable if you have a small mouth. Some people complained they couldn’t sleep with it in at all. Others said they could not breathe properly. One said that he gagged at night when wearing it.
  • The next biggest cause for complaint was failure of the adjustment feature, and since this is one of the device’s top selling points, we would class this as a significant problem.
  • SnoreRX is more affordable than a mouthpiece from your dentist, but you will have to replace it regularly.
  • SnoreRX mouthpiece can’t be used to treat snoring if you wear dentures, have lose teeth, new implants, or have caps on your teeth.
  • If you are inclined to suffer from TMJ caused by misalignment of the jaw, the device could aggravate the situation.
  • According to SnoreRX, you can fit it with ease, but it still looks fiddly to us. Given that there are simpler solutions that also seem to work, we’re not sure it’s worth the extra effort.
  • You should be able to breathe, but you won’t be able to speak or drink.
  • If you are not a mouth breather, you may feel uncomfortable with the device since it keeps your mouth slightly open.
  • About one third of the complaints we found mentioned chafing of the gums. Reviewers who experienced this issue weren’t certain whether they had made their tooth impressions too deep.
  • A lot of customers who reviewed SnoreRX mentioned problems with fitting. One said he thought the device had melted too much. It stopped his snoring, but held the jaw skew and he was unable to fix it.
  • We found more than one review in which the purchaser said that the device fell out at night.
  • There was a significant amount of reviews that cited problems with shipping and difficulty in contacting the seller. We are not sure whether these issues have been resolved in the interim.
  • Relief from snoring sounds like an attractive prospect, but you won’t look very attractive with this thing in your mouth! It’s rather chunky!

SnoreRX Reviewed - Summary of Our Findings

SnoreRX is not a bad product as retail anti-snoring mouthpieces go, but it has all the drawbacks of the mouthpiece approach to a snoring cure. Specifically, these include difficulty in obtaining a comfortable fit, difficulty sleeping with a mouthguard, and morning aches and pains.

According to many of the reviews we consulted, wearing a mouthpiece to correct snoring just isn’t necessary. There are other ways to alter the position of the jaw during sleep, and most of the people who tried them are very happy with the results.

We would certainly not advise using an intra-oral device unless the mouthpiece is either fitted by a dentist or fully customizable. Our finding is that SnoreRX has greater customizability than many other anti-snore mouthpieces, but it still comes as a unit. Some find it too big. Others say it is too small and falls out.

It also leaves customization up to you, and you’re not a dentist. The number of people who say they got the fitting process wrong, or who speculate that they may have, is testament to the pitfalls of trying to fit your own dental device.

Our guess is that SnoreRX is designed according to the law of averages, so if you’ve got an average jaw and average mouth size, it could work for you. There were certainly reviewers who had success with this device – we’d estimate the success rate at around 50 percent.

Can We Recommend SnoreRX ?

We see the use of a mouthpiece as a last resort. Ideally, we would suggest you start with something less intrusive and only attempt using a mouthpiece if nothing else works. For example, one dissatisfied SnoreRx reviewer said that he tried the anti-snore pillow after using SnoreRx unsuccessfully and had good results. If something as comfy as a anti-snoring drops can help you, why resort to a MAD?

Take a look at consumer reviews of the best anti snoring devices to see how the SnoreRx compared to other top-selling anti-snoring devices.

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