December 20, 2019
The Pillow Savior? | My SlumberBUMP Review

I’ve tried all the conventional anti-snoring devices in my search for a snoring cure. Typically, those were mouthpieces I wore like dentures while I slept. I bought the SlumberBUMP because I had a hard time adjusting to a mouth guard. As this review will show, I can truly say that SlumberBUMP reduced my terrible snoring.

Have you have noticed your partner complains more about your snoring when you sleep on your back? What I’ve learned from doing some internet research is that sleeping positions is one of the main snoring culprits.  Sleeping on your side has been scientifically shown to … Read the rest

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November 24, 2018
Can SnoreLess Pillow Stop Snoring ? Read Review

Snoreless PillowWhen the news media covers snoring, it invariably does so with a tongue-in-cheek twist. But if you’re a snorer, you aren’t amused! After all, you’re experiencing disturbed sleep, less of the really deep sleep you need to stay alert and on the go, and you could be experiencing interrupted breathing or sleep apnea. Could the SnoreLess Pillow help you?

The new trend is a variety of anti-snoring devices that people can use at home. These range from nose pinchers and openers (for nasal snoring) to mouth guards, chin straps, and anti-snore pillows. Nothing works for absolutely everyone, so you’ll find … Read the rest

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