QuietOn Sleep Review | Noise-Cancelling Earbuds for Snorers

With so many options available on the market today for the prevention and management of snoring, it can be difficult and overwhelming to know where to start. Our goal is to educate people on anti-snoring devices by researching and evaluating the various options and providing our findings directly to you.

quieton earbuds and charging caseRecently, we came across a product called QuietOn Sleep Noise Cancelling earbuds. We compiled this review and information for you to read and decide if this product might be a viable solution to your snoring struggles.

What Is QuietOn Sleep?

QuietOn is a noise-canceling earbud that you wear to bed. The product website boasts the QuietOn Sleep Active Noise technology, which is excellent in blocking out low frequency noises, especially snoring.

Unlike anti-snoring devices and equipment, this is an option available to those who are struggling with a partner’s snoring. While other earplugs and earbuds aren’t able to block out low-frequency noises, which happen to be one of the biggest disturbances of sleep, these earbuds have been optimized to do specifically that. We understand that snoring doesn’t only affect the snorer, which is why we were eager to review the QuietOn earbuds.

Do the QuietOn Earbuds Block Snoring Noises?

Based on hundreds of consumer reviews, we feel that the QuietOn sleep canceling earplugs are definitely a quality engineered product that works for many people, and functions exactly as it is supposed to. One of the most important factors about this product is its ability to cancel out low-frequency noises like snoring.

Low-Frequency Noise Cancellation Is the Secret

Low-frequency noises are anything between 20 and 200 HZ. Many low-frequency noises are considered “noise pollution” and come from artificial sources in urban environments. Not only are low-frequency noises annoying and a disturbance to sleep, but they are also known to have an adverse effect on overall health. Even the quietest of low-frequency noises are said to cause extreme distress to some people and heightened sensory response.

How Does the QuietOn Noise Cancellation Work?

While traditional earplugs work well in passively blocking out high-frequency noises, low-frequency noises can still make themselves known. The QuietOn engineers developed the noise suppression technology based on hundred of hours of audiotapes, including sounds of snoring and traffic.

The QuietOn product uses active noise-canceling technology, which takes an unwanted sound and replaces it with another sound specifically used to cancel it out. A small microphone is used to sample the unwanted sound and then create a shifted version and finally play it back. The QuietOn product combines passive earbuds with noise-canceling technology to target unwanted sounds across the whole audible spectrum, and this includes snoring.

When you receive your earbuds, they come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The medium tips will be attached to the earbuds by default. Take them out of their case and fit them into your ears by pushing firmly, and then rotating backward until they feel airtight. If the medium tip is uncomfortable, try the small or large tips.

Once your earbuds are comfortably situated, adjust the mode. There are two modes: silent and hearing. If you are somewhere without background noise, you may not be sure which mode you’re in. Snap your fingers close to your ear to ensure you’re in quiet mode. If you can hear the snapping, press the mode button firmly to switch the mode.

The carrying case for the earbuds is also a charger. You can charge your earbuds in just one hour. Place them into the case and hook the case up to a USB charger. The case will light up while it is charging the earbuds and turn off when it is done. Each fully-charged earbud lasts up to 20 hours.

What Are the QuietOn Sleep Purchase Options?

There are three packages for QuietOn Sleep: The single kit, a couple’s kit, and a family package, which includes four QuietOn earbuds and chargers. For a family of snorers, or for friends with partners who snore, the family pack makes a great gift to help everyone sleep soundly.

If you need to replace the ear tips later, these can be ordered in your size directly through the website. Currently, QuietOn is running a Christmas special on the single pair of QuietOn sleep earbuds, originally $219.00, now just $169.00 for a limited time.

QuietOn Sleep Warranty and Returns

Currently, QuietOn offers a two-year warranty for EU customers and a one-year warranty for customers in other countries, unless otherwise stated on your user manual. QuietOn ear tips are disposable and not included under warranty.

If you decide you do not want the QuietOn earbuds, you can return them within 14 days as long as they are undamaged and unused. You will need to contact customer service first in order to get a packing slip and return form.

Other QuietOn Features

Besides the advanced noise-canceling technology, there were two other features we appreciated about the QuietOn earbuds.

There are no wires involved, which means you won’t be getting tangled up in your sleep. Once you have removed them from their case, the QuietOn Sleep earbuds are ready to use.

The earbuds are also NOT Bluetooth compatible and are unable to connect to any playback devices. We are considering this a feature, as Bluetooth and music connectivity are distractions from getting a good night’s sleep.

We particularly enjoy the fact that these earbuds can be used for situations such as long flights, crowded airports, and to help enhance focus wherever you are working. You can use the QuietOn earbuds to cancel out your partner’s snoring and use them during the day to be more productive and lower noise anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Given the advanced technology and nature of what the QuietOn product offers to its customers, we find this to be an excellent product for anyone who is suffering from sleep disturbances due to the low-frequency nature of snoring. In today’s fast-paced society, a healthy pattern of sleep is extremely underrated. It is never a bad idea to invest in your health, and based upon our findings; we think that the QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling earbuds are a wise and sound investment.


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