Pure Sleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Review

Snoring: it’s a problem that may have far deeper consequences than disturbing your partner’s sleep or embarrassing you. Recent research implicates snoring as a risk-factor that increases your chance of having a heart attack or a stroke.

Pure SleepSnoring also disturbs your own sleep, whether you’re aware of it or not, and you could even have mild sleep apnea that places strain on your entire system through oxygen deprivation. Could Pure Sleep mouthpiece be the answer? Or should you just accept the fact that you snore?

If you thought the only problem with snoring was the noise, think again! The latest revelations on the health risks associated with snoring give us all the more reason to find an effective stop snoring device as soon as possible. We’re here to help!

Pure Sleep Review - The Research

Anecdotal evidence, the stories told by individuals, are not particularly convincing. However, when we assemble a great many of these stories in the form of product reviews (Pure Sleep and other devices), a picture begins to emerge.

We should also note that clinical research on the My Snoring Solution chin-strap validates the theory behind many of the stop snoring devices we see on the market today. By basing our conclusions on the results of this research as well as the stories told by hundreds of product reviewers, we feel that we have good grounds for the conclusions we’ve drawn.

What Anti-Snoring Options are There Besides Pure Sleep?

CPAP machines are very cumbersome, and are usually only recommended in severe cases of sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing actually stops at night because the airways become obstructed. Sleep apnea and snoring often go hand in hand. The vibration of the snore happens when the airways are obstructed but not fully closed. However, we should be cautious about discussing snoring and sleep apnea at once.

Although surgery can help some people to stop snoring, it has a limited success-rate and it’s a drastic option by anyone’s standards.

Thus, we turn to anti-snoring devices such as PureSleep. They do work for many people, and they could provide the simple, cost-effective, and non-invasive solution you’re looking for.

There are several devices that work according to similar principles. The simplest solution is the My Snoring Solution chin strap. Most other devices fit inside your mouth, forcing your jaw forward and sometimes also restraining your tongue.

Other devices target other possible causes of snoring, such as the tongue falling backwards during sleep or nasal snoring.

Pure Sleep Among Many Stop Snoring Solutions

There are so many stop snoring mouthpieces products to choose from these days, that you may be tempted to grab the first fairly decent-sounding one you can find. But there are many variations on similar themes, and there are marked differences in quality and efficacy.

Why not read the Pure Sleep review below and then compare it with other products? By examining all the anti-snoring aids, you can decide between the various remedies and make an informed choice.

However, we should add that what works for MOST people, won’t necessarily work for you. Most snoring can be corrected with anti-snoring devices – but snoring can be caused by a number of different factors, not all of which will respond to this kind of treatment.

How Pure Sleep Works?

Like many stop snoring devices, Pure Sleep works by pushing the lower jaw forward. It’s a mouthpiece, so you’ll wear it in your mouth at night. When the jaw is kept in the correct position, your airways remain open preventing snoring.

Although various factors can cause snoring, constriction of the upper airways starting in the mouth is among the most common causes. We also know that moving the lower jaw forward helps to keep airways open. After all, it’s the first thing you need to do when treating an unconscious person.

The conclusion? The theory behind most anti-snoring devices is relatively sound – but how do they work in practice? We take a closer look at Pure Sleep in our series of top-rated anti-snoring device reviews.

Pure Sleep Reviewed - Does it Work ?

Pure Sleep certainly can work for you, provided you are able to fit the mouthpiece properly (more about this later). The principle behind the device is perfectly logical, but is it the best way to stop snoring? We have some reservations. It certainly works in much the same way as other snoring remedies. The question is whether you’ll actually want to use it to treat your snoring.

We browsed through hundreds of Pure Sleep reviews and found that opinions on this product vary greatly. Pure Sleep either seems to score five stars and comments like “life-changing” or one star and comments like “it doesn’t work.”

However, we need to bear in mind that this product is specifically designed to treat a cause of snoring that affects just over half of night time snorers. Therefore, if ALL snorers were to try it, only just over half of them would be satisfied with its results.

We were concerned, though, about the number of times users complained about two other factors that go beyond the question of whether it will work or not. They seem to indicate that even people who could be helped by a product that works on the Pure Sleep Principle, and there are several, are not satisfied with Pure Sleep.

What we Like About Pure Sleep

  • Pure Sleep designed by a dentist. If you don’t already have problems with your teeth, it’s safe to wear. If you do, consult your dentist first.
  • Pure Sleep is relatively affordable, though not the cheapest, and the price for shipping handling is not high.
  • There are three settings for how it will hold your jaw and boil and bite materials ensure it will fit your teeth too. We like this dual customization strategy, but found that it also has its drawbacks.
  • Pure Sleep allows for more adjustments to get the right fit than some of the other mouthpieces we looked at.
  • A few of the other mouthpieces we reviewed restrain the tongue. However, that’s not always necessary and it can be uncomfortable. Pure Sleep does not include a tongue restraint feature and we see this as an advantage.
  • The company that makes it appears to be reputable.

What we Don’t Like About Pure Sleep

  • Pure Sleep comes in two parts both of which have a rather complicated fitting process. If you get that wrong, it won’t fix your snoring. Ease of fitting is important, and this product doesn’t have it.
  • If you fit it incorrectly once, you will have to replace it.
  • Anything that is worn inside the mouth promotes drooling. You may quit snoring, but your sleeping partner may be less than excited by your drooling.
  • According to Pure Sleep reviews there are quite a lot of complaints. Many verified customers cite issues with shipping and slow delivery.
  • Although the company is open about the device being unsuitable for people with bridgework, new dental implants, or jaw alignment issues, the message isn’t always coming across strongly enough. Some purchases were unaware of Pure Sleep’s contraindications.
  • Because Pure Sleep forces the jaw into position from inside the mouth, you can expect some pain on waking. However, it’s worth noting that most anti-snoring devices cause some pain as wearers become accustomed to sleeping with their jaw in a new position.

Pure Sleep Reviews From Customers

Our concern about the complex fitting process appear to be very valid. Several reviewers say that they made a mistake in the fitting process rendering the product useless or uncomfortable. One reviewer decided that the whole rigmarole was too complex and returned Pure Sleep without even bothering to open the package.

It’s a difficult balance: the more customizable a mouthpiece is, the more likely it is to fit comfortably and works as it’s supposed to. But with greater customizability comes greater complexity and greater scope for error.

This makes it hard to judge how effective Pure Sleep is. For example, several reviewers commented that the mouthguard detached from the jaw and fell out at night. Is this a problem with Pure Sleep, or is it the result of errors in the fitting process? One said it worked fine for a few nights and only then started to fall out.

One very common complaint about Pure Sleep is that it wasn’t big enough for some of the reviewers. Usually, we hear that people find their mouthpieces too big and bulky, so this one came as something of a surprise.

It may be that Pure Sleep has adjusted its design to make up for bulkiness issues and has overcompensated. One person commented that his repeat purchase was too small after an earlier one had fitted very well.

Last but not least, we still have comfort complaints. Some say that the Pure Sleep has too much volume at the back and makes them gag. Others said that they found it too uncomfortable to keep in the mouth for long, or that they found the morning jaw ache too much for them.

Pure Sleep Reviewed: The Conclusions

If you’re going to use an oral appliance, you’ll pay more for one that’s made for you after consulting your dentist, but at least you can be sure of the fit. We also worry that oral appliances that don’t fit well could cause long-term damage to teeth or jaw muscles. With the fitting process in your hands rather than those of a qualified dentist, we don’t like the implied risk factors.

Of the mouthguards we considered, Pure Sleep offers a good number of options to get the right fit, but despite all this, there are a great many complaints about poor fit. Many of these relate to the narrowness of the device, so it could be that it will suit people with narrow jaws best.

Just over 35 percent of Amazon reviewers were unreservedly happy with their purchase. If this doesn’t look like too long a shot for you, you might want to keep Pure Sleep on your list of possibilities. Just do so with eyes open. Some people are very happy with it, but that amounts to less than half the number of people who tried it.

Are Oral Appliances Like Pure Sleep the Only Option?

What you’ve read so far might be making you a bit despondent. The primary complaint we find in reviews is relatively predictable: people don’t feel comfortable when trying to sleep with a mouthpiece.

When Pure Sleep grips onto the teeth and forces the jaw forwards, even those who can sleep with it in place say that they experience pain on waking. Some said they got used to it, others found it too uncomfortable to persevere with.

Do you have to sacrifice comfort in order to get relief from snoring? Luckily, you don’t have to. A Vital Sleep device or a simple My Snoring Solution chin-strap could eliminate the need for uncomfortable oral appliances. Look at stop snoring mouthguard device reviews to see how various top anti snore devices fared in the review process.

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