Pillar Procedure For Snoring | Our Review Will Shock You

pillar procedureWhat is the Pillar Procedure? As soon as you see the word ‘procedure’ you can be reasonably certain that it’s got something to do with surgery, and that’s just what the Pillar procedure is. Small synthetic rods are surgically implanted into the soft palate.

Snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea may be caused by the soft palate collapsing during sleep, so the idea behind the pillar procedure is that the little plastic rods will harden the soft palate, preventing it from collapsing and blocking the airways during sleep.


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Does it really work?

According to research, the pillar procedure works for some people. Not most. Some. That’s a bit of a big risk when you bear in mind that the pillar procedure is a form of surgery. Admittedly, it’s minor surgery, but surgery should always be a last resort and then it would be good to be able to be certain of success. Having surgery for your condition only to find that it doesn’t work has got be a traumatic experience.

Then there’s the procedure itself. Don’t let anyone fool you, it is painful, and some people complain of being able to feel the foreign bodies under the skin. After an initial flurry during which the pillar procedure was hailed as being ‘the’ answer. Things have suddenly gone quiet, and it isn’t because the snoring has stopped!

Visit genuine sleep apnea and snoring forums and look for the most recent comments if you want a real picture of the pillar procedure. “I wish I hadn’t done it” concludes a woman who had the procedure done so that her husband could sleep better at night.

So what’s the alternative?

There are more ways than one to prevent the soft palate from obstructing the airways, but the pillar procedure is the only one that involves actual surgery. Most anti-snoring devices work by pushing the jaw slightly forward during sleep. The premise works, but not all the devices are particularly comfortable and some are more effective than others.

If you’d like to try something that works on this logic, the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap is our winning selection. Unlike many other anti-snoring devices, you don’t have to wear anything inside your mouth. Great if you want a good night’s sleep without a ‘passion killer’ jammed into your mouth.

Why we say the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap is the best solution money can buy

Nothing works for absolutely everyone, but the vast majority of people who’ve given us their review of this simple but ingenious device say that it works wonders for preventing snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. We’ve posted a fairly comprehensive review here.

We haven’t stopped at researching the chin strap though. We’ve spread our net in a quest for the most effective snoring treatment. We’ve asked people to tell us about their experiences, we’ve asked snorers to try various things out and we’ve compiled all the information into a neat table that shows price comparisons along with our efficacy findings. You can check it out by clicking here. It’s designed to help you.

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