How To Solve Your Snoring Problem

Snoring is said to be a problem that you give to another person instead of yourself.  Why? A person suffering from snoring usually don’t have an idea that he has it until someone will tell him about it. If you have a partner, it is imperative that you find a solution to your snoring to help your partner to have a better quality of sleep.

Looking at the manner that you snore can give you an insight on the reason you are snoring. We have indicated some commonly observed snoring types and its probable cause.

  • Open-mouthed Snore – The snore could be due to the soft tissues in your throat.
  • Closed-mouthed Snore – The snore could be due to the position of your tongue when you sleep.

Sleeping on your back can also result to mild snoringlaying on your back because the tissues in your mouth will fall to your throat, sleeping on your side may help remove the snoring.

You should be wary if you are snoring whichever position you are in because this could be caused by a more serious reason.

There are many products available today that could help address your snoring problem. They are also easy to purchase online or over the phone. However, we remind you to consult your doctor if you are suffering from snoring to rule out any serious sleeping disorders, such as sleep apnea.


This is a highly-recommended solution to snoring. It addresses the primary cause of snoring which is the soft tissues in your mouth. Due to the relaxed state, we are in during sleep, the soft tissues, and tongue sags and block the airways.

By using a mouthpiece, the jaw is pulled forward, and the tongue is held secure, keeping the airways clear. Thus, preventing the vibration in the mouth causing the snore.

The only downside to this product is the pain associated with the slight movement of the lower jaw. However, this should not be much of a concern because most users of this product reported that they don't feel too much pain as they grow accustomed to the product.

Tongue Retaining Device

Tongue retaining device

The tongue retaining device works like a gentle suction device to pull and keep the tongue in an advanced position during sleep. With the use of the apparatus, the tongue will no longer collapse into the airway that could result to snoring.

The primary concern on the tongue retaining product is the discomfort and excessive salivation. These can be resolved when you get used to the product. However, people with a shorter tongue that cannot use this product. The tongue needs to be pulled at least beyond the tip of the lips for the retaining device to work properly.

Chin Straps

CHIN STRAPThis device is the most convenient, non-invasive anti-snoring device available in the market. It works by keeping your mouth shut all the time while you sleep. It may not eliminate the snoring completely, but it can help minimize it because the mouth is closed.

However, this product may not be as useful as the others because the primary cause of the snore, the blockage of the airways, is not adequately addressed. It is also hard to breathe wearing this device when you have clogged nasal passage.

These are some accessories that you can consider when you are looking for anti-snoring devices. We remind you again to see your doctor if you suffer from frequent snoring to rule out the possibility of a severe illness.

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