How Much Do You Snore? These Apps Could Have the Answer

It had to happen. With digital aids all round us in the 21st Century it was just a matter of time before our mobile phones would answer one of the oldest questions and one that’s asked very frequently: Do I really Snore? One of the best-known factors regarding snoring is that snorers, for the large part don’t know they snore. Their sleeping partners do (to their detriment) and guys accompanying a snorer on a fishing trip find it out to their horror. But the snorer is the last one to know.

Digital age tracking

All that changes with the introduction of mobile phone apps that will track your snoring habits, by recording, playing it back to you, providing sleep statistics and even adding a severity rating as a bonus.  Some of them even do their best to stop you snoring by using a sound or vibration when you’re snoring. And best of all, these apps don’t mind staying up all night while you snore, and don’t suffer the next day from sleep deprivation like your partner does.

There are several of these apps available for both iphone and android – so many it can be difficult to choose a favorite. Some are free, some offer a free (limited) version, and others let you have a free trial while before requiring an upgrade further down the line.

What do snoring apps do?

Some, like the highly-ranked Snore Lab App which operates on iphone and Android, is claimed (by its manufacturers) to have kept awake for over 300 million nights of sleep in service to snorers. From your phone’s position next to your bed, the app sets about recording, measuring and tracking any snoring patterns and volume, before rating its intensity, so you can try to find ways to remedy your problem. And it doesn’t stop there. It even suggests some remedies for you to try, and emits sounds when you snore aimed at waking you sufficiently to stop in mid-grunt. It also allows you to input your own sounds that you know will prevent the snoring from returning.

Other apps aimed exclusively at snoring include Dream Watcher, a snore recorder with a twist. It will keep track of any noises during the night – including snoring – and you can also schedule relaxing music it will play to help you fall asleep. Genres of music include whale and water sounds, as well as meditation and classical music. It won’t play all night, but it will give you soothing music at scheduled times, tapering off the sound as you fall asleep so that it can monitor the sound.

MotionX 24/7 is a sleep tracker, working on similar principles to that used by sleep monitors in clinics. It plays white noise or soothing music to lull you to sleep, fading it out when you drop off. It then takes audio clips of when you snore or move around in the bed, and gives you a report-back on your sleep pattern in general, recording when you are in light or deep sleep stages. This function also allows for the app to be set to wake you at the best time in your sleep cycle. MotionX 24/7 operates all the time, keeping an eye on your daily activity levels too, along with your body weight and heart rate.

Far more than fancy toys or just a way of checking to find out once and for all whether you snore or not, the mobile apps can provide a wealth of information on which you can build a program aimed at stopping your snoring. However it might be unwise to rely on them entirely to handle your problem. Using the information provided by these apps might well assist you in finding the right anti-snoring device to suit your needs, but should you be one of the snorers who suffer from sleep apnea, you would be wise to enlist the advice and help of a medical professional.

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