Problem Snoring | My Good Morning Snore Solution Review

The Good Morning Snore Solution device is a new and updated take on a traditional design.  While most snoring mouthpieces consist of overly-complicated devices to alleviate snoring issues, the Good Morning Snoring Solution (GMSS) offers a simplified design that prioritizes comfort.

In fact, the makers of the Good Morning Snore Solution market the doctor-developed product as the safest, most effective, and least invasive anti-snoring mouthpiece available on the market.

I decided to put these claims to the test and give the Good Morning Snoring Solution a try to see if the results held up to the device’s many intended benefits.

Why I Chose the Good Morning Snore Solution

As a snorer, I’m always up for trying the latest products on the market because they (typically) represent the best available: The newest designs are developed for better sleep and comfort, ease-of-use, and are cost-effective anti-snoring solutions.

Like most snorers, finding a solution that puts an end to my snoring has been an ongoing and sometimes frustrating process for me (and my wife). Though many of the products and snore-correcting devices available over-the-counter have worked for me, various factors always got in the way and diminished my progress over time.

This was usually the result of gaining weight, poor sleeping habits, or a relapse in using the device because it was quite frankly too difficult or inconvenient to make a part of my daily routine.

So, when the Good Morning Snore Solution hit the (online) shelves, I was keen to give it a try. Unlike most over-the-counter solutions, the makers of the Good Morning Sleep Solution have done their diligence. The device is one of the few anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market that has undergone clinical testing and has the FDA clearance rating to back it up.

In fact, in May 2008, the Journal of Sleep and Breathing even published a report that indicated that the Good Morning Snore Solution effectively reduced snoring for 70% of participants with sleep-disordered breathing in a randomized and controlled crossover study.

What is the Good Morning Snore Solution and How Does it Work?

gmss tongue restraining device

For many others who and I suffer from snoring issues, the snoring results from a fairly simple issue: It’s the noise that is made when air is moved through a tight space. In this case, the tight space is the throat which is blocked when we lie on our backs, and gravity pulls the tongue downward to compress and block the pharynx.

There are two different types of popular and affordable mouthpiece devices that combat this exact issue and are used as anti-snoring solutions: TRDs and MADs or Mandibular Adjustment Devices.

The Good Morning Snore Solution device is a Tongue Retaining Device or TRD (also sometimes referred to as a TSD – a Tongue Stabilizing Device).

As their name implies, TRDs work to “retain” the tongue and gently pull it slightly forward in the mouth so that it cannot block the airway.

MADs, on the other hand, are mouthpieces that are worn more like a sport’s mouthguard and keep the tongue muscle from blocking your pharynx by repositioning and pushing the jaw forward.

Unlike traditional TRDs, the Good Morning Snore Solution sits at the front of the mouth and retains only the tip of the tongue. It uses suction to gently pull the tongue forward and effectively expand and clear the entire airway.

The device looks somewhat like a baby pacifier that has been inverted. Your tongue is inserted into the bulb, and the rims sit on the outer side of your teeth and gums.

more information on good morning smile solution

Product Specifics

  • Size

The GMSS is available from the manufacturer in two sizes: Adult and young adult. The young adult piece is slightly smaller and designed for individuals who are approximately 18-26 years of age.

I found that the adult mouthpiece fit my mouth well and did not feel big or bulky, unlike some other snore devices I’ve tried. In my opinion, the fit on the GMSS is relatively universal due to its design and shouldn’t be a problem for most individuals.

In fact, unlike most mouthpieces which need to have good tooth fit, the GMSS actually only relies on being compatible with the size of your tongue. That is, your tongue needs to be big or small enough to achieve an adequate amount of suction with the device.

  • Customizability

Although it can be trimmed to better conform to your mouth and teeth where necessary, the GMSS doesn’t require any molding or fitting to the mouth and can be used right out of the box. This is because the piece doesn’t fit in your mouth like a retainer, so it doesn’t need to be custom-molded.

This was a big upside for me, as I’ve ruined more than my fair share of brand-new mouthpieces by messing up the boil-and-bite procedure.

  • Material

The GMSS manufacturers do not disclose the precise composition of the plastic that is used to make the device because it is proprietary. However, the packaging and website both indicate it is made with a BPA and BHA-free dental-grade resin that has been approved by the FDA.

  • Breathing Function

Perhaps one of the products most significant drawbacks for some is the fact that you do not have the option of breathing through your mouth and it necessitates breathing through the nose. This can be uncomfortable and problematic for individuals with severe respiratory disorders, sinusitis, or chronic nasal congestion.

For myself, this wasn’t an issue, and I quickly became used to breathing through my nose.

  • Bruxism Use

Because of the way that it fits in the mouth, the GMSS can effectively mitigate issues with Bruxism. This is because it separates the teeth slightly as the front teeth clamp down on it, which keeps the back teeth from grinding together.

  • Denture Friendliness

Another huge advantage of the GMSS over MAD mouthpiece models is that it can be used by individuals with dentures and braces, which can be tricky or impossible to use with mouthguards that require a custom fit.

  • Effectiveness

The GMSS website indicates that nearly 85% of users polled stated that they experienced reduced snoring while using the device and noticed fewer side effects than they had experienced with other mouthpieces.

I did experience an initial adjustment period in which I woke up periodically throughout the night because I was not used to sleeping with the device. However, this was brief, only three nights total, and even during this period, I woke up much less frequently than I do when I am snoring.

I began to notice the results of using the GMSS immediately, as I woke up less and less frequently throughout the night and woke up feeling more rested and less irritable. I’m also yawning a lot less throughout the day, and my (and my wife’s) energy levels have certainly benefited from a more restful night’s sleep.

  • Side Effects

The only noticeable side-effect I experienced was slight tongue soreness after the first use, but this went away quickly and was likely the result of using too much suction the first night.

Other users have reported dry mouth and drooling that dissipated as they found the right adjustment for their GMSS.

  • Warranties and Guarantees

Another possible downside, the GMSS does not include a warranty. However, like with most snoring mouthpiece devices, it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I’m keeping mine, but according to the fine print, you have 30 days to request a return and another two weeks to return the product following your request.

  • Price Overview

Though the price for the GMSS is on the higher end for a TRD device, it is also the highest rated and offers an excellent cost-benefit if you are serious about getting rid of your snoring habit.

One mouthpiece and a case will run you nearly $100, but you can skip the case and save $5. The site also offers a two-pack buying option (with two cases) for $150, a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal that’s perfect for couples.

Final Word

All in all, I was extremely pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend the GMSS to anyone who is looking for a less-invasive and less complicated solution to their snoring problem.

To find out more about the GMSS, GO HERE.

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