Good Morning Snore SolutionThere are so many home remedies for snoring available these days, that it gets quite confusing. Which one will help you to reduce or stop snoring while still getting a good night’s rest?

We investigate cures for snoring and present you with the facts. Could the Good Morning Snore Solution be the top stop snoring mouthpiece to bring you snore relief? Find the facts about the best anti snoring devices on the market today right here. We unveil the pros and cons of this device in our Good Morning Snore Solution review.

Snoring as a Health Risk

Before we cut to the chase and investigate the Good Morning Snore Solution, let’s get one thing clear: snoring is no joke. Apart from the loss of dignity and the irritation snoring can cause, there are several potential health risks that affect people who snore:

  • You suffer from tiredness because snoring prevents deep, restful sleep. You are thus more likely to be involved in an accident.
  • The blockage of your airways could even result in mild sleep apnea that neither you nor your doctor are aware of. This places strain on the body and increases the risk of strokes or heart attacks.
  • Even if you don’t experience interrupted breathing, your breathing is impaired. This places strain on the body as a whole owing to decreased blood oxygenation. Again, stroke and heart attack risk are elevated.

Morning headaches are a sure sign that you aren’t getting enough oxygen at night. If you snore and invariably wake up with a headache, you may be at risk of some of the nastier side-effects of snoring, and you may have undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Facts About Good Morning Snore Solution

Where did we get our facts? There are many websites devoted to anti-snoring devices – often blogs written by individuals. We are a little cautious of these, since some appear to be there solely for affiliate marketing.

There are also multiple reviews on shopping sites that have been published by verified purchasers of the products. There have been concerns that these reviews are open to manipulation by product manufacturers, but we are reasonably confident of our sources in this instance. Why? Because Good Morning Snore Solution has so many bad ones!

Instead of relying on single opinions, we searched through all the available information to compile our review and the information on the comparison chart you’ll find on this website.

We’ll admit to a little bias: wearing something inside your mouth at night is hard to get used to. However, we have tried to highlight the positives and negatives of each device as fairly as possible, and we looked for any relevant research on oral devices to stop snoring. Read on to find out more about the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece.

Alternative Solutions ?

Stop snoring solutions you can try at home include mouthguards, tongue retainers, nasal strips (for people who snore through the nose), special pillows and chin straps. If you are overweight, weight loss is recommended, but that’s no quick fix. The alternatives include surgery, and for those who suffer severely impaired breathing, the use of a CPAP machine at night.

Since CPAP machines are extremely cumbersome and costly, and nobody likes surgery, the home remedies are worth trying before you even consider the more drastic measures available.

Although using home remedies might sound like a last-ditch adventure into quackery, there is solid scientific evidence that they can work – maybe not for everyone, but then again, neither does anti-snoring surgery!

How Good Morning Snore Solution Works

The thinking behind the Good Morning Snore Solution is that all you need to do to stop snoring is keep your tongue from falling back into your throat at night. As a result, the makers of Good Morning Snore Solution have come up with a mouthpiece that fits onto the mouth and secures your tongue.

We’re a bit worried about this being overly simplistic: your tongue is only one part of the snoring problem. Most of us snore because our throats are constricted, and that’s why most snoring solutions that work focus on the jaw rather than the tongue. The makers of Good Morning Snore Solution claim that it will advance the jaw, but since all it supports is the tongue (as far as we can see), we aren’t sure how this is supposed to work.

Does Good Morning Snore Solution Really Helps?

It will work if you snore because of your tongue falling backwards and blocking your airways. This explains why there are some people who have chosen this mouthguard for snoring and who have no complaints. However, a lot of people snore because the soft palate collapses and blocks the upper airways, and they’re less happy with this product.

Unfortunately, because it only addresses one possible cause for snoring, not everyone is so satisfied with the results they got with Good Morning Snore Solutions. Preventing snoring, in many cases, involves remedies that ensure the jaw is in a position that keeps the airways open. The Good Morning Snore Solution is not the best way to treat snoring because it doesn’t do anything to support the jaw.

What People are Saying About the Good Morning Snore Solution

As we have pointed out, this device can be effective if you snore because of your tongue only. There’s even research evidence to back the idea of using the suction cup that this product requires you to attach to the front of your tongue.

However, we were horrified to see that only 19 percent of buyers were 100% satisfied with Good Morning Snore Solution. An astonishing 56 percent gave it an unreserved thumbs down one-star review. Typically, they either said that it didn’t work (probably because they weren’t snoring because of the position of the tongue) and that it felt strange and caused the tongue to feel painful in the morning.

Some people said that Good Morning Snore Solution tended to fall out, and at least two reviewers say that using it regularly can aggravate pre-existing gum disease. Since one of these reviewers is undergoing dental surgery as a result, we should take this warning seriously. On the other hand, the reviewer says that he is among those who find the device effective and recommends taking week-long breaks from time to time to overcome the gum disease issue.

What We Like About Good Morning Snore Solution

We don’t like this product, but let’s try to be fair:

  • Good Morning Snore Solution can ease snoring in some cases.
  • It is made from soft materials and doesn’t hurt as much as some mouthpieces that fit over the teeth.
  • Unlike mouthpieces that fit over the teeth, you can use it even if your teeth aren’t strong and healthy.
  • Because it doesn’t support the jaw or fit over the teeth, it lasts longer than intra-oral devices that attempt this strategy as a snoring cure.
  • Good Morning Snore Solution is easy to clean.
  • Your tongue may be tender in the morning, but your jaw won’t.

What We Don’t Like About Good Morning Snore Solution

  • Anything that goes in the mouth at night is uncomfortable and may cause drooling. Even if you do quit snoring, it’s not a pretty picture.
  • The discomfort of having something in your mouth sucking onto your tongue can disturb your sleep. (Main problem on most Good Morning Snore Solution reviews)
  • It’s fairly affordable as these things go, but the materials are not durable. You will have to replace your mouth guard every year.
  • Good Morning Snore Solution doesn’t fix snoring unless the position of your tongue is your only problem. There’s no relief if the blockage occurs further back.
  • It’s held in your mouth by a bulb that creates suction. There are complaints that Good Morning Snore Solution either sucks on too tightly and hurts or falls out during the night.
  • Good Morning Snore Solution is not customized in any way to the shape of your mouth. Because it doesn’t fit over the teeth, this may be less of a problem than a poorly fitting mandibular advancement device (MAD), but it may be at least part of the reason why many people find it too uncomfortable to sleep with.
  • You wake up in the morning with a sore tongue. Even Good Morning Snore Solution reviewers who like the product mentioned this point.
  • You cannot breathe through your mouth while you are wearing it even though it forces you to sleep with your mouth open, and you very definitely won’t be able to speak without first removing your Good Morning Snore Solution mouthguard.
  • It can aggravate gum disease if worn every night.
  • It has a disappointingly low success rate compared to any of the other devices we have reviewed.

What Works Better Than the Good Morning Snore Solution?

Based on online Good Morning Snore Solution reviews that do not come from affiliate marketing sites, just about anything is more likely to provide a successful treatment for snoring. We looked at several mouthguards, some of which have a fairly high approval rating. However, we found possible problems with all the ready-made devices we looked at.

If you think that you will be able to sleep with an oral device in your mouth, we would recommend getting a custom fitted MAD from your dentist. If the cost is prohibitive and you really want to try an off-the shelf oral appliance, look through our reviews to see what you think might suit you.

And what if you don’t feel up to using any oral appliance at all? Well, there are alternatives. Of these, we are particularly impressed by the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap. Good Morning Snore Solutions reviewers sometimes say that the device is clinically proven. But a look at the research shows that it has merely been proven more effective than similar devices without the tongue suction cup – in other words, tongue-restraining devices were already working for the subjects.

Chinstraps, on the other hand, have a much better track record in clinical research. We even turned up a published case-study which reported that a person already dependant on CPAP machine found it to be a successful and less invasive alternative. Do they work for everyone? It would be reckless to say so. Nevertheless, the chin strap seems to be the safest and the most effective of the home remedies available.

Finally, there are even those who find an anti-snore pillow effective. When it comes to stop-snoring remedies, that has to be the most comfortable idea of them all!

Our Good Morning Snore Solution Conclusion

When it comes to cures for snoring, we don’t recommend this device (as most people in their Good Morning Snore Solution reviews agree). When we compare it to other anti-snoring devices, it doesn’t fare all that well. To be honest, it has a far lower approval rating than any of the other devices we examined.

We feel that there are more effective and more comfortable ways to stop snoring, and are inclined to recommend these over the Good Morning Snore Solution.

If you’re not convinced yet, see our comparative table of anti snoring mouthpiece devices to see how it stacks up against other popular anti-snoring devices.

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