CPAP Machine Side Effects and The Alternatives

Official Website ChinstrapCPAP is an acronym for ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’. The premise is that by increasing the pressure of air entering the lungs, the airways will remain open during sleep reducing snoring and sleep apnea. But does it work?

A lot of people have spent a great deal of money on a CPAP machine such as the HDM CPAP, z1 CPAP and Phillips’ ‘respironics’ only to find that it’s not working for them owing to a variety of problems and issues.

What side effects are commonly experienced by CPAP users?

Mask discomfort

A lot of CPAP users find that the mask is uncomfortable and produces skin lesions owing to a tight fit. Yet others find that the mask doesn’t seal well – they’ve got the machine, but it doesn’t work owing to a poor fit.

Claustrophobia and panic attacks

People who suffer from claustrophobia are very likely to experience panic attacks when using a CPAP system. Of course, this isn’t life-threatening, but it’s hardly conducive to a good night’s rest!

Respiratory problems

Many CPAP users report nasal congestion and inflammation or a runny nose from using the device. Again, not a massive health-risk, but far from comfortable.

Lack of sleep

Then there are those who simply can’t sleep with the cumbersome hose and mask arrangement that are necessary parts of the system.


Then there’s the problem of machine noise. One manufacturer refers to their machine as ‘whisper quiet’ have you ever tried to sleep with someone whispering in the background?

As if that weren’t enough, some manufacturers have tried to overcome the problem of uncomfortable masks by introducing soft gel masks, but they make such a noise when they vent during exhalation, that sleep becomes impossible.

What’s the alternative?

Presumably, CPAP machines are not trying to prevent snoring and sleep apnea by preventing deep sleep, but judging from many comments on discussion forums, that’s just what they’re doing!

There seems to be little to choose between the brands. Similar problems are reported by many patients using the S9CPAP, Resmed Airsence, Bipap and the rest – and those are the ‘reputable’ brands – there are plenty of CPAP machines advertised online that are outright scams. But what are the CPAP alternatives?

Simple is beautiful. Before going with something this complicated, cumbersome and with so many potential problems, try the least invasive solution and see how that works for you.

My Snoring Solution chinstrap

A lot of people have experienced relief from snoring and mild sleep apnea by keeping the airways open with the help of a ‘My Snoring Solution’ chinstrap that works to keep airways open by holding the jaw in a slightly forward position during sleep. There’s no noise, you can sleep in any position you like and you won’t experience any of the side effects of a CPAP machine.

Click Here To Access the Official My Snoring Solution Website

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