CPAP Anti Snoring Chin Straps - Do They Work?

If you buy a CPAP machine in an attempt to stop snoring, you will be offered a number of accessories to go with it. You can get headgear, clips, cushions, masks – a whole range of accessories for the CPAP machine. One of these, the CPAP anti snoring chinstrap is of particular interest. Here’s why:

It keeps your airways open by holding your jaw in a slightly forward position

Official Website ChinstrapThe idea is that many people snore or suffer from airway obstruction because the soft palate blocks the airways during sleep. This is perfectly true – a lot of men and women snore for this very reason. The idea of holding the chin in a forward position certainly will stop the soft palate from obstructing the airways, but this begs the question:

If you can keep your airways open with a chin strap, why do you need the CPAP machine, mask, clips, headgear and all the other paraphernalia?

We’re not sure what the makers of CPAP machines are thinking here. If your airways don’t get blocked because your chin is supported, what’s all the other stuff for? Do you really need to blow air into your throat to stop the palate collapsing if it’s not able to collapse because of the chin strap anyway? Do you really need any other remedies over and above the chin strap? Just what is going on here?

Tip: try the chin strap on its own before you do anything else

It almost seems as if the makers of CPAP machines are saying that their positive air pressure machines don’t actually work. They’re certainly hedging their bets with the chin strap! So here’s the clever solution: try the chin strap on its own. Who wants to sleep connected to a noisy machine by a bunch of pipes and with a mask clamped to their face anyway? If the chin strap can work on its own as a cure for snoring, why put yourself through all that?

Which chin strap should you get?

What we don’t like about the CPAP anti snoring chinstraps that are produced by CPAP machine makers is not that they won’t work, they probably will. What gets us is the way the CPAP manufacturers are trying to sell you an additional piece of very expensive equipment that you probably don’t need at the same time.

They don’t even mention the fact that the chin strap may be the only cure you need to stop yourself from snoring! Instead of suggesting you try the chin strap and add a CPAP machine if that’s not enough, they approach it from the other direction: get the complicated machine first and by the way, get an extra chin strap over and above your initial purchase. They’re certainly hoping something is going to work, and we suspect it’s the chin strap!

My Snoring Solution chin strap: that’s it!

We’ve checked out a huge variety of anti-snoring devices. We’ve looked at efficacy, comfort, cost and more. Our conclusion is that the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap is the best of the anti-snoring devices on all counts, you can read My Snoring Solution Chinstrap review here. Check out our results. We’ve compiled them all into an easy to interpret table for your convenience.

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