If you buy a CPAP machine in an attempt to stop snoring, you will be offered a number of accessories to go with it. You can get headgear, clips, cushions, masks – a whole range of accessories for the CPAP machine. One of these, the CPAP anti snoring chinstrap is of particular interest. Here’s why:

It keeps your airways open by holding your jaw in a slightly forward position

Official Website ChinstrapThe idea is that many people snore or suffer from airway obstruction because the soft palate blocks the airways during sleep. This is perfectly true – a lot of men and … Read the rest

The Good Morning Snore Solution device is a new and updated take on a traditional design.  While most snoring mouthpieces consist of overly-complicated devices to alleviate snoring issues, the Good Morning Snoring Solution (GMSS) offers a simplified design that prioritizes comfort.

In fact, the makers of the Good Morning Snore Solution market the doctor-developed product as the safest, most effective, and least invasive anti-snoring mouthpiece available on the market.

I decided to put these claims to the test and give the Good Morning Snoring Solution a try to see if the results held up to the device’s many intended benefits.… Read the rest

I’ve tried all the conventional anti-snoring devices in my search for a snoring cure. Typically, those were mouthpieces I wore like dentures while I slept. I bought the SlumberBUMP because I had a hard time adjusting to a mouth guard. As this review will show, I can truly say that SlumberBUMP reduced my terrible snoring.

Have you have noticed your partner complains more about your snoring when you sleep on your back? What I’ve learned from doing some internet research is that sleeping positions is one of the main snoring culprits.  Sleeping on your side has been scientifically shown to … Read the rest

Snoring has been a problem for me for decades.  I’ve tried every product on the market throughout the years.    When I purchased SnoreRx, I had tested CPAP, TRD’s, and sprays without success.

SnoreRx is a mouthpiece, specifically a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). You stick it in your mouth at night, and it changes the position of your jaw, keeping your airways open.

While I had used some MADs before, they had been uncomfortable. I was a little wary about wearing something this big in my mouth at night. Would it be too uncomfortable to fall sleep?

A lot of people … Read the rest

My wife had been on my case for years about my snoring. It had gotten to the point where it was putting a strain on our marriage.  So I set about trying out a few different anti-snoring devices.

Mouthpieces are common anti-snoring solutions, so I decided to start there. What intrigued me about the Zyppah was that it combined two techniques in one, which is unique to any other mouth guard.

I thought that perhaps combining two approaches would double down on the anti-snoring power. I was desperate to find something that would defeat my boisterous snoring. I had seen … Read the rest

I’m someone who suffers from pretty bad congestion from time to time, so I can’t always breathe through my nose. This made my search for an anti-snoring device a little tricky. I had tried a few snoring solutions before, but not in a systematic way. I became determined to find the perfect snoring solution because my snoring was waking me up several times per night.

I had read that ZQuiet has over half a million customers who gave it positive reviews. I supposed that so many people couldn’t all be wrong. That’s why I took a chance on the ZQuiet.… Read the rest

It had to happen. With digital aids all round us in the 21st Century it was just a matter of time before our mobile phones would answer one of the oldest questions and one that’s asked very frequently: Do I really Snore? One of the best-known factors regarding snoring is that snorers, for the large part don’t know they snore. Their sleeping partners do (to their detriment) and guys accompanying a snorer on a fishing trip find it out to their horror. But the snorer is the last one to know.

Digital age tracking

All that changes with the … Read the rest

In the past, we’ve been reviewing anti-snoring devices by collecting information from as many reviews as we can find. Why? Because we want you to find the right anti-snoring device among all the many types and brands you’ll find out there. In the process, we’ve formed some strong opinions: and then along comes VitalSleep and overturns them all!


Snoring doesn’t only rob you and your sleeping partner of much-needed sleep, it also starves your body of oxygen, placing your system under strain. Snoring is to a higher possibility of strokes, it’s important to do everything you can to reduce or Read the rest

SnoreRXSnoring is so much more than just an embarrassing problem that upsets your sleep partner – it’s also bad for you in a great many ways. Recent research that showed an increased chance of suffering a stroke if you snore at night has led to a renewed interest in anti-snoring devices, and SnoreRx is among these.

Even without understanding the health risks associated with snoring, snorers will be keen to end their night time snoring. When you snore, you don’t sleep as deeply as you should, and that leads to fatigue and all the problems that go with it.

There’s … Read the rest

Pure SleepSnoring: it’s a problem that may have far deeper consequences than disturbing your partner’s sleep or embarrassing you. Recent research implicates snoring as a risk-factor that increases your chance of having a heart attack or a stroke. Snoring also disturbs your own sleep, whether you’re aware of it or not, and you could even have mild sleep apnea that places strain on your entire system through oxygen deprivation. Could Pure Sleep mouthpiece be the answer? Or should you just accept the fact that you snore?

If you thought the only problem with snoring was the noise, think again! The latest … Read the rest