Anti-Snoring Products: How to Spot a Scam

The European Patent Office has 1,306 patents for snoring products on their worldwide database. The United States has around 2000. Do all these inventions, and the hundreds of other products that fill websites and store shelves really work? It’s hard to believe they all do, because if they did there would be a lot less snoring going on. Some may work to a certain extent, and others may be purely a lot of noise about nothing. How do you spot a scam when it comes to anti-snoring products?

  1. Beware the  One Fits All Approach

As snoring differs from person to person, it’s unlikely that many of these thousands of solutions will be totally effective on all of those who make up the millions of people around the world that rasp and roar each night. Like the decibel levels emitted, rhythms adopted and how often people snore varies from person to person, so do the causes of their snoring, and what sort of device they will need to use to control their snoring.


  1. Know What You Need

Only by consulting with a dentist, sleep specialist or other professional will you be able to work out what sort of problem you ae facing with regard to your snoring. And having that knowledge is the only way to determine whether the device you have seen, read about or even been recommended to try, is going to work for you. It might not be a scam and might work well for others with different reasons for snoring. But it might not only be not the right one to help you, it might make your problems worse. And if your snoring involves sleep apnea you will need to be extra careful as this is a serious affliction which needs to be carefully treated.


  1. Be Alert to Unsubstantiated Claims

Wild claims like “physicians recommend”, “scientifically proven”, “award-winning”, “miracle cure” or “guaranteed results” should be red flags when you’re looking for a product that can impact on your future well-being and comfort, as well as that of the partner that shares your bed. Unless these are backed by certifiable references and full information they may well be purely there to sound good while dancing on the boundaries of false advertising. What physicians recommend it, what awards has it won and what scientific studies back up that claim? These questions should come to your mind immediately, along with a warning siren that’s as loud as the snoring you are trying to help relieve.

While most often used in spheres like weight loss and health supplements, at least one marketer of anti-snoring devices has been rapped on the knuckles for using exactly those words on their labels and in their advertising. Companies that use these tactics may end up paying out millions if caught, and spend even more to rebuild their reputations. But companies still do it, because it works.


  1. Watch Out for Fake Websites and Domains

Fake domains and websites lurk in almost every sphere of business and online sales. This is where the real scammers operate. And they do it at a level that’s way above that of a dodgy salesman that shows up at your door trying to peddle snake oil. Tell-tale signs are there if you look for them. Firstly, the domain names may include famous brand names, but do not link to the official site. There may be no “About Us” or “Contact Us” page on the site, and if they are there, the information provided may be badly written, vague in content or not provide any contact details. And before paying for a product online, check for terms and conditions, shipping and returns options. If they aren’t there it could be a dodgy site. Fake trust and partner logos and certificates are another give-away

  1. Check the Reviews

Online reviews for the product that has caught your eye can be very helpful in finding out if it will fit your particular snoring problem. However, you will need to ensure that the reviews are genuine and don’t stick to one site. Look for sites where the reviews aren’t very obviously too positive. Again, because anti-snoring needs differ from person to person, it is unlikely that every review will be glowing regarding one individual device. Reviews are more credible if there is a mix of good, neutral and maybe, though less likely, negative.

Also watch out for a whole string of glowing reviews written supposedly by different people, but all posted within a short period of time. Those are another hallmark of reviews that have been commissioned and paid for by the manufacturer or marketer.

It’s easy to revert to the old saying that if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. But when you are looking for a solution to something as serious as snoring, it is worth taking extra time and putting in extra effort making sure it is both good and true. You may need to try out a couple of different, but perfectly legitimate, anti-snoring devices anyway, before you find your match. That’s unavoidable, but not as bad as become the victim of a scam or rip-off, or falling prey to misleading advertising.

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