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Thanks to our professional contributors who are specializing in sleep disorders for making emsafety.net a place where snorers can find reliable information about sleep apnea. Our articles provides relevant, informative content addressing sleep apnea, sleep disorders & snoring related topics. We have been featured at publications such as EMS1 multiple times.


Other resources

A list of friendly associations that every snorer should checkout:

American Sleep Association - www.sleepassociation.org

American Heart Association - www.heart.org

A list of honorary professionals and their contribution to sleep apnea field:

Giedrius Varoneckas Ph.D - Institute of Psychophysiology and Rehabilitation (Publications)

Dainius Razukevicius D.D.S., PhD - Kaunas implantology center (Publications1; Publications2)

*The above associations and people are not associated with Emsafety.net