mouthpiece for snoringThere are hundreds of stop snoring aids out there. Maybe one of them can help you or your loved one quit snoring, adding to your quality of life. But which of these anti-snoring remedies should you try? Check out our Zyppah RX review: we bring you a collection of stop snoring mouthpiece reviews that we hope will guide you towards the best way to stop snoring.

Does Zyppah work?

Snoring and sleep apnea result from constriction of the throat during sleep. Sometimes the tongue also comes into play too. The Zyppah RX aims to fix both problems with a special mouthpiece that supports the jaw and secures the tongue. If your airways are kept open, you’re instantly preventing snoring. Zyppah RX hopes to become the best stop snoring device by adopting this unusual, two-pronged approach with their mouthguard.

An interesting feature is the Zyppah ‘boil and bite’ concept that ensures the mouth guard fits your individual mouth perfectly. Should Zyppah RX be your choice in stop snoring devices? Let’s consider all the facts.

What are the results?

Although the Zyppah RX has not been tested in any independent medical trials, it works on the same principle as the My Snoring Solution product that we investigate elsewhere. As a result, we can expect the same sort of favourable results – provided you can sleep with it on. To recap, the research showed significant reductions in sleep apnea as well as hypopnea (a term used to describe very severe snoring). We’ve did a research and reviewed my snoring solution chinstrap – here.

If Zyppah are to be believed, the addition of a feature that secures the tongue preventing it from relaxing and falling back to block your airways during sleep should add a double whammy to the equation since My Snoring Solutions product only supports the jaw and doesn’t do anything about the tongue. Let’s take a look at how this mouth guard will treat snoring in practice by summing up the findings of anti-snoring devices reviews from around the world.

What are people saying about the device?

Many people who have tried this device say that it works for them. There are some who express reservations, particularly relating to comfort, but there’s no denying that it can fix snoring in a large number of cases. Those who said the device was somewhat uncomfortable remarked that some devices are even more bulky and that although the tongue strap felt strange, it didn’t cause gagging. Could it be the solution to snoring you’ve been looking for?

What we like about it

  • The theory behind the design is completely sound. It should ease snoring and provide relief from snoring for many sufferers.
  • It’s nicely constructed and it looks good.
  • You get a personalised fit thanks to the boil and bite concept.
  • It’s designed by a dentist, so it won’t be bad for your teeth.

What we don’t like about it

  • A lot of people have trouble sleeping at all with something in the mouth.
  • There are complaints from users who say that your jaw will be sore for the first few days.
  • It’s less affordable than the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap.
  • It may cause drooling – Yuk! Of course, so will almost any mouthguard for snoring.
  • You can’t use it if you have dentures, capped teeth or loose teeth.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that this is a good try. It can work for you, but it seems a shame to shell out two or more times the amount of money you’d pay for a My Snoring Solution Chinstrap. Check out our comprehensive comparative table of anti snoring device reviews – here to see how Zyppah RX fared in our analysis.