snoring devicesIf you’re hoping to quit snoring read this ZQuiet review, you’ll be investigating all the top stop snoring devices reviews that you can find in an effort to find the best snoring mouthpiece to suit your individual needs. In order to help you to determine which anti-snoring remedies you should try, we’ve gathered all the information and stories about stop snoring aids that we can find. We compare this mouthguard to other stop snoring devices and look into the likelihood of it being a cure for snoring.

How it works

Sleep apnea that’s related to snoring and hypopnea (really loud snoring) as well as ordinary snoring are caused by constriction of the upper airway during sleep. Why does this only happen when you’re sleeping? Your jaw falls backward and inward, forcing the airway to constrict, and the resulting vibration is what you hear when someone snores.

This device is worn inside the mouth and it is supposed to force the jaw into a forward position that will keep your airways open at night. The mouth guard prevents snoring by keeping the upper airway open. A lot of snoring devices that work are based on the same principle.

Does ZQuiet Work?

Studies conducted using another device, the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap, showed that holding the jaw in a forward position really does help to ease snoring, even in severe cases. Since the ZQuiet device works on the same principle, it may help to ease or even eliminate snoring. Fix the jaw in the right position, and the airways stay open. The theory behind this product is 100% sound. But is this the best way to stop snoring? We investigate.

Are there any positive reviews from consumers ?

We’re still not sold on a product that is worn inside the mouth, but some consumers in their ZQuiet reviews said that this device is surprisingly comfortable. According to most of the ZQuiet reviews on the internet, not everyone is as impressed. The material is very thin (not sure how durable it will be). It doesn’t mould to your mouth, but it has a little hinge that lets you talk or drink water without first having to remove your mouth guard. Because it attempts to address the mechanical cause of snoring, you may get instant relief – provided it fits properly and holds your jaw in the correct position – therein lies the big problem with this device.

What we like about it

  • You don’t have to take it out if you want to say something or have a sip of water.
  • It moves as your jaw moves – or it’s supposed to anyway.
  • It covers your teeth so it will also give you some protection if you grind your teeth at night.
  • Provided it fits, it can help to reduce snoring.

What we don’t like about it

  • You don’t have to fit it. It’s a one size fits all item. You can trim it to size, but some people are sure to find that uncomfortable.
  • If you would like to cure snoring instantly it might work for you. Then again, it might not. Reviews are mixed. It depends on the shape of your jaw.
  • You can’t use it if you have dental problems or if you wear dentures.
  • It goes into the mouth, so you drool.
  • There are complaints from people who say that your jaw hurts in the morning.
  • Possibly because of the problems with fit, there are complaints that it falls out at night.
  • Other consumers say that it stays in, but is uncomfortable. Unfortunately, one size fits all won’t work for every jaw!

What’s the bottom line? It’s a possibility, but it’s not the best anti snoring device as many ZQuiet reviews suggest. It’s quite a good way to treat snoring for some people, but we still prefer the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap. Take a look at our review table of anti snoring mouthpieces to see why.