Vital SleepDuring the last while, we’ve been reviewing anti-snoring devices by accumulating all the information we can get from as many reviews as we can find. Why? Because we want you to find the right anti-snoring device among all the many types and brands you’ll find out there. In the process, we’ve formed some strong opinions: and then along comes Vital Sleep and overturns them all!

Snoring doesn’t just rob you and your sleeping partner of much-needed sleep, it also starves your body of oxygen, placing your system under strain. With snoring having been linked to a higher possibility of strokes, it’s important to do everything you can to reduce or end snoring. Could the VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece be the solution you’ve been looking for?

The Background on Anti Snore Mouthpieces

Here’s the theory: a lot of people who snore (more than half of them) do so because the upper part of their throat becomes constricted when they sleep. The tissues collapse inward, blocking the airway partially, and the vibration that occurs as air passes through the constricted area during breathing produces the snore.

It’s a known fact that when the jaw is advanced slightly, the airways stay open unless you have an additional obstruction in the way. First aiders use this principle when treating unconscious patients. Anti-snore mouthpieces also use it. But is this just an urban legend or is there scientific evidence in favour of such devices?

Anti-snoring mouthpieces are an accepted treatment for certain types of snoring and mild sleep apnea. Their efficacy has been confirmed in studies, and some dentists are able to make custom-made mouthguards for snorers. However, these are quite costly, and the search for a cheaper alternative has led to a great many mass-produced designs.

Why Vital Sleep Changed Our Minds About Anti-Snore Mouthpieces

Up till now, we haven’t liked any of the anti-snore mouthpieces we found on the market much. These have ranged from the “one-size-fits-all get used to it” to the adjustable and customizable. Our big problem up till now has been the level of customizability that has been available. We feel it has been lacking and that users run the risk of damaging teeth or jaw muscles or just being too uncomfortable to sleep.

Even when mouthpieces allow you to make an impression of your teeth, people complain that the angle it pushes the jaw into is wrong and causes pain or that the appliance as a whole is too bulky or too narrow and so on.

We examined mouthpieces that allow you to fit them to your individual teeth AND adjust the lower jaw setting, and we still weren’t happy with what we saw. The best one we could find came with reviews saying that the adjusting feature tended to break pretty quickly. Still, although we couldn’t recommend it very highly, it was the most customizable mouthpiece we could find.

Then we found Vital Sleep and had to concede that yes, perhaps it really is possible to make a mouthpiece that ordinary people can customize pretty much to the full at home.

How VitalSleep Beats Its Competitors Through Personalized Fit

When we found yet another stop snoring mouthpiece, we were inclined to say “Been there. Done that. We already know what’s going to be wrong with it.” To be exact, we were expecting to find that the main drawback would be discomfort owing to a poor fit. We were also less than pleased with the look of the design: there are so many bits and pieces to it! But closer inspection showed that we were onto something different, new, and exciting. Here’s why:

  • Two sizes available: One of the problems we found with customizable mouthpieces was that you couldn’t be sure the overall package would be the right size for your mouth. VitalSleep offers a large and small size with the large being recommended for men and the small for women. There may still be people who find that neither size suits them, but the two options increase the chances of you finding a product that’s comfortable for you.
  • Boil and bite fitting: We’ve seen other mouthpieces with this feature, and in our opinion, it’s a basic must for an oral appliance. A poor fit could damage your teeth or force them out of alignment. Your dentist wouldn’t give you a mouthpiece without taking impressions of your teeth first. In this case, you make the imprint into the device yourself.
  • Adjusting screws: Here’s where the vital Sleep beats all competitors hands down. The best we’ve seen so far is a mouthpiece with a couple of settings. This one allows you to begin with a normal jaw position and then gradually move the setting so that your jaw is in a more forward position until you hit the sweet spot where you stop snoring. Why is this such a good thing? Well, trying to force the jaw into a position it isn’t used to causes pain and discomfort. By adopting a “bit-by-bit” change to your jaw position, you’ll miss out on a lot of that.

Next Huge Plus: A Massive Durability Guarantee

It’s fairly standard for mouthpiece manufacturers to offer a money-back guarantee that you can claim within 30 to 90 days if the device doesn’t work for you. But that’s where it ends. If your device starts to disintegrate after the initial trial period, there’s nothing for it: you just have to buy another one.

We’re accustomed to thinking that a lifespan of under a year for a mouthpiece is the best you can expect. And we’ve read reviews where people say the device is coming apart or some of the features don’t work as they should within a few months or even a few weeks of purchase.

VitalSleep not only gives you the full money back offer during the first weeks of use but offers an extended replacement guarantee if your device begins to break in anything less than a YEAR. This is absolutely unprecedented and leads us to believe that the makers expect you to get well over a year of service from your mouthpiece.

Consumer reviews bear this out. Several mentioned a useful lifespan of up to 18 months, and among those who didn’t mention this, there were no complaints about fragility or rapid signs of wear.

The Downside of VitalSleep

The best option isn’t always the easiest option: that applies to so many of the things we do. It also applies to VitalSleep.

First up, there’s the fitting process. You get the product with easy-to-follow instructions, but you might want to keep that booklet handy to make sure you don’t mess up during the all-important setup stage. Even if you’ve fitted a boil and bite device before, we suggest that you take care to follow the instructions for fitting this particular device very carefully indeed.

Once you start using your device, you need to look after it much as you look after your teeth. While the adjusting screw allows you to get a really personalized fit and make incremental adjustments until the snoring stops, it does make the device a little more awkward to clean.

Having said that, a regular toothbrush and toothpaste clean will do the job, and you can dunk it in denture cleaning solution to make extra sure you’ve gotten rid of any germs that may be lurking. It’s not much extra effort for a device that’s been designed to address all the problems we picked up with mouthpieces in general. Vital Sleep’s designers certainly did their homework, found out what issues people experienced when using off-the-shelf mouthguards, and then produced one that eliminated these issues while adopting all the best-practice features

A Quick Roundup of the Advantages of VitalSleep

  • Trial period money-back guarantee
  • A year’s durability guarantee
  • Two sizes available: large and small
  • Boil and bite technology to fit the device to your bite
  • Slim and flexible (we might have been a little worried about that if it weren’t for the year’s replacement guarantee)
  • 100% adjustable jaw position to help you find the right setting for your jaw and your snore
  • Easy to breathe through the mouth when wearing
  • More scope of side-to-side and up and down movement for the jaw
  • Transparent and reasonably unobtrusive-looking
  • Made from latex and BPA-free materials
  • Users report no chafing of the gums and less drooling than they experience with bulkier devices
  • You can still use it if you have some missing teeth and wear a partial denture by day

The Disadvantages of Vital Sleep

It was quite difficult finding drawbacks that weren’t linked to the advantages we already identified. But even though we are genuinely impressed with this mouthguard and struggled to find negative VitalSleep reviews, we managed to dig up a few.

  • It’s a mouthpiece. If that thought doesn’t appeal, you might want to try a special pillow or a CPAP-style chinstrap like My Snoring Solution first.
  • There is a fitting process and you need to be alert when undertaking it.
  • It has crannies you will need to clean with a toothbrush
  • It won’t work for everyone (this is true of any stop snoring strategy, but should be mentioned)
  • You can’t use it if you have certain dental issues. Before you buy it, you get a questionnaire that helps you to see whether the device will be right for you.
  • There are some corners that are a little difficult to clean.
  • Even though there are two sizes available, you may find that neither one fits your mouth well. However, we would suppose that if this is the case, you have an unusually large or small mouth.

VitalSleep Conclusions

Having looked at countless anti-snore devices, we’re very impressed with VitalSleep. It is certainly the most customizable mouthpiece we have seen to date, and it also seems to be the most durable. We believe that the customizability of this mouthpiece will make it far more comfortable and effective than anything else we’ve seen in this category of anti-snore devices.

Try it if you snore because of vibration in the upper part of your throat. If your snoring is nasal, it will not be effective. As a final word of advice, we would recommend that you consult your doctor to determine the cause of your snoring if you want to have a reasonable level of certainty about whether this device will be right for you. He or she will look for any abnormalities that may be constricting airflow. If everything checks out normal, there’s a very good chance that the VitalSleep mouthguard will work for you.

Vital Sleep