Every snore is an individual, which means that his or her snoring problem is going to differ just a little, or a great deal from someone else’s.  It’s very personal, which is probably the reason why snorers don’t publicize the fact that they snore, are embarrassed about it and prefer to deny it, even when told by their loved ones they do. With this degree of individuality in both snorer and their snoring it is not surprising that even the most respected and successful anti-snoring devices work for some, and don’t work for others.

One device doesn’t fit all

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Something as intrusive and strange (and definitely loud) as snoring, is just waiting for the jokers out there to have a field day. You may even find friends and family who snore coming up with the jokes themselves. In true Black Humor style, if something that isn’t funny it can be made into a joke, it’s suddenly not as threatening. This is demonstrated in a quote from award-winning children and young adult writer Judy Blume: Snoring keeps the monsters away.”


On Relationships:

  • Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.”

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A three month study in Britain involving 20 snorers found that singing and other vocal exercises could reduce snoring. Although this may seem a little far out as a solution to a problem that affects millions of people, when it’s taken into account that snoring can be caused by the muscles in the throat becoming slack and narrowing the airway, it doesn’t seem so unlikely. And the UK study attested to the fact that singing may well help you sleep better.

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How much do you know about snoring? Most people know very little about it beyond the fact that it’s noisy, irritating and usually associated with grandfathers and distant aunts and it’s the butt of unkind jokes. We will listen to friends complain about the sleepless nights they endure because of it, but avoid admitting to it if we snore ourselves. Yet most of us do snore at some point or another, and nearly half of us do it on a regular basis – and that is just two of the strange but true facts about snoring most of us don’t … Read the rest

The European Patent Office has 1,306 patents for snoring products on their worldwide database. The United States has around 2000. Do all these inventions, and the hundreds of other products that fill websites and store shelves really work? It’s hard to believe they all do, because if they did there would be a lot less snoring going on. Some may work to a certain extent, and others may be purely a lot of noise about nothing. How do you spot a scam when it comes to anti-snoring products?

  1. Beware the  One Fits All Approach

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Most published research into anti-snoring devices for treating mild sleep apnea comes to the same conclusion. Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) can play a part in treating mild sleep apnea, and possibly help with moderate sleep apnea cases, too. But does it compare well with CPAP machines, long considered the gold standard for sleep apnea treatment?

Again, most researchers agree with the authors of a 2015 Australian study that comes to the conclusion that MADs might not work quite as well (efficacy) as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines in bringing down sleep apnea scores, but they are just about as effective … Read the rest

Marriage vows and life partnerships call for absolute commitments that will endure the good and the bad times, as well as periods of illness and health. But when does enough get to be enough with regard to that principle? In many cases it’s when one or other of the partners (or bed-friendly pets) are snorers. Sawing noises in the night have proved to be among the most common causes for relationships breaking up.

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If you think the effects of snoring are restricted only to your own embarrassment and the discomfort of your sleeping partner, think again. Snoring can be your body’s way of literally sounding the trumpet. It could be warning of a serious health problem that you may not realise you have. Loud and regular snoring can be related to various serious illnesses including being a symptom of sleep apnea, a chronic and dangerous sleep disorder. It interrupts your night-time breathing many times every night, causing you to stop breathing for anything from seconds to minutes multiple times during a night’s sleep.… Read the rest

It had to happen. With digital aids all round us in the 21st Century it was just a matter of time before our mobile phones would answer one of the oldest questions and one that’s asked very frequently: Do I really Snore? One of the best-known factors regarding snoring is that snorers, for the large part don’t know they snore. Their sleeping partners do (to their detriment) and guys accompanying a snorer on a fishing trip find it out to their horror. But the snorer is the last one to know.

Digital age tracking

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Snoring is a common sleeping issue. Everyone can snore, but some people suffer from it regularly. Not only does the snorer suffer, but the people sleeping with them are also affected resulting in sleepless nights and strained relationships.

Snoring is completely different than sleep apnea. Note that snoring is just an indicator of a much serious condition called sleep apnea. Keep in mind that sleep apnea is a severe sleeping disorder where the person stops breathing during his sleep. If left untreated, sleep apnea could cause high blood pressure and heart attack due to lack of oxygen intake while … Read the rest