anti snoring devicesThere’s a bewildering proliferation of remedies for snoring these days. Choosing the best anti snoring device to suit your needs can be a complex task. That’s why we offer anti snoring device reviews to help you decide which stop snoring products are worth trying. We want you to find the best anti snoring device: could this device be the solution you’re looking for? We investigate in our SnoreRx review.

How it works

Most home remedies for snoring work on the same principle: advance the lower jaw, keeping the airways open during sleep is the best way of preventing snoring instantly. Various devices offer various ways of doing just that. The SnoreRx fits inside your mouth, forcing the lower jaw into a more forward position. By doing so, it helps to keep the upper airways open when you relax. Usually, the jaw would fall back, constricting the airways and causing snoring.

Does SnoreRx work?

There are some disadvantages to the SnoreRx, but simply put, it can work for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the theory behind it – but what works in theory isn’t always practical. Nevertheless, despite its drawbacks, some people have chosen it to fix their snoring with success. There are some good things about this mouthguard for snoring, but when you compare it to other stop snoring aids, it doesn’t rate as the top choice.

What we like about it

The SnoreRx has a few nice features. We prefer to treat severe snoring with something that doesn’t go in the mouth, but the design is pretty nifty:

  • You get a personalized fit. Boil it and bite down. It fits perfectly on the teeth instantly.
  • It has a calibration device that lets you adjust the angle of your jaw.
  • Because you can adjust the fit, your jaw will not be as painful in the morning as it will be with one-size-fits-all products.
  • You can’t move your jaw much, but there’s a little bit more freedom of movement than with some other devices.
  • You are able to breathe through your mouth at night.

What we don’t like about it

  • You will drool. It’s not an attractive prospect even if you do quit snoring.
  • Your mouth is constrained all night long. Although this mouthpiece is adjustable to suit your jaw, you will still experience morning discomfort according to many SnoreRx reviews.
  • It’s more affordable than a mouthpiece from your dentist, but you will have to replace it regularly.
  • It can’t be used to treat snoring if you wear dentures or have caps on your teeth.
  • According to SnoreRx, you can fit it with ease, but it’s still fiddly.
  • You can breathe, but you won’t be able to speak or drink.
  • Relief from snoring sounds like an attractive prospect, but you won’t look very attractive with this thing in your mouth!

Conclusion: This is not a bad product as anti-snoring mouthpieces go, but it has all the drawbacks of the mouthpiece approach to a snoring cure. Take a look at consumer reviews of best anti snoring devices to see how the SnoreRx fared compared to other anti-snoring devices.