stop snoring mouthpieceThere are so many stop snoring mouthpieces products to choose from these days, that you may be tempted to grab the first fairly decent-sounding one you can find. Why not read the Pure Sleep review below and then compare this cure with other products? By examining all the anti snoring aids, you can decide between the various remedies and make an informed choice.

How it works

Like many stop snoring devices, this one works by pushing the lower jaw forward. It’s a mouthpiece, so you’ll wear it in your mouth at night. When the jaw is kept in the correct position, your airways remain open preventing snoring.

Does Pure Sleep work?

It certainly can work for you, provided you are able to fit the mouthpiece properly (more about this later). The principle behind the device is perfectly logical, but is it the best way to stop snoring? We have some reservations. It certainly works in much the same way as other snoring remedies. The question is whether you’ll actually want to use it to treat your snoring.

What we like about it

  • It’s designed by a dentist. If you don’t already have problems with your teeth, it’s safe to wear.
  • It’s relatively affordable and the price for shipping handling is not high.
  • There are three settings for how it will hold your jaw and boil and bite materials ensure it will fit your teeth too.
  • The company who makes it is reputable.

What we don’t like about it

  • It comes in two parts both of which have a rather complicated fitting process. If you get that wrong, it won’t fix your snoring. Ease of fitting is important, and this product doesn’t have it.
  • If you fit it incorrectly once, you will have to replace it.
  • Anything that is worn inside the mouth promotes drooling. You may quit snoring, but your sleeping partner may be less than excited by your drooling.
  • According to Pure Sleep reviews there are quite a lot of complaints, there are issues with shipping and slow delivery.
  • Because it forces the jaw into position from inside the mouth, you can expect some pain on waking.

This might be making you a bit despondent. Do you have to sacrifice comfort in order to get relief from snoring? Luckily, you don’t have to. A SnoreLess pillow or a simple My Snoring Solution chin-strap eliminates the need for uncomfortable oral appliances. Look at stop snoring mouthguard device reviews to see how various top anti snore devices fared in the review process.