Good Morning Snore SolutionThere are so many home remedies for snoring available these days, that it gets quite confusing: We investigate cures for snoring and present you with the facts. Which is the best snoring mouthpiece? Could the Good Morning Snore Solution be the top stop snoring mouthpiece to bring you snore relief? Find the facts about the best anti snoring devices on the market today right here. We unveil pros and cons of this device in our Good Morning Snore Solution review

How it works

The thinking behind the Good Morning Snore Solution is that all you need to do is keep your tongue from falling back into your throat at night. As a result, they’ve come up with a mouthpiece that fits onto the mouth and secures your tongue. We’re a bit worried about this: your tongue is only one part of the snoring problem. Most of us snore because our throats are constricted, and that’s why most snoring solutions that work focus on the jaw rather than the tongue. The makers claim that it will advance the jaw, but since all it supports is the tongue, we aren’t sure how this is supposed to work.

Does Good Morning Snore Solution work?

It will work if you snore because of your tongue. This explains why there are some people who have chosen this mouthguard for snoring who have no complaints. Unfortunately, because it only addresses one possible cause for snoring, not everyone is so satisfied with the results. Preventing snoring in many cases, involves remedies that ensure the jaw is in a position that keeps the airways open. This is not the best way to treat snoring because it doesn’t do much to support the jaw.

What we like about it

We don’t like this product, but let’s try to be fair:

  • It can ease snoring in some cases.
  • It is made from soft materials and doesn’t hurt as much as some mouthpieces.
  • You can use it even if you teeth aren’t strong.

What we don’t like about it

  • Anything that goes in the mouth at night is uncomfortable and may cause drooling. Even if you do quit snoring, it’s not a pretty picture.
  • The discomfort of having something in your mouth can disturb your sleep. (Main problem on most Good Morning Snore Solution reviews)
  • It’s fairly affordable as these things go, but the materials are not durable. You will have to replace your mouth guard every year.
  • It doesn’t fix snoring unless the position of your tongue is your only problem. There’s no relief if the blockage occurs further back.
  • It’s held in your mouth by a bulb that creates suction. There are complaints that it falls out during the night.
  • You wake up in the morning with a sore tongue.
  • It can’t be adjusted to suit the shape of your mouth. As a result, some people have trouble with the fit.
  • You cannot breath through your mouth while you are wearing it.

When it comes to cures for snoring, we don’t recommend this device (as most people in their Good Morning Snore Solution reviews agree). If you’re not convinced yet, see our comparative table of anti snoring mouthpiece devices to see how it fares.