Loud snoring doesn’t just disturb your sleep and annoy your partner causing teasing, complaints and conflict, it can also have grave effects on your health. Severe snoring can result in:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea: a condition in which you stop breathing during sleep.
  • A lack of proper deep sleep: your body and mind need deep sleep every night to prepare you for the next day. Although your own snoring may not cause you to wake up completely, it affects the quality of your rest.
  • Strain on the heart: obstructive sleep apnea can contribute to strain on the heart and as a result, weakens it.
  • Exhaustion: It’s not just a matter of feeling tired, your body cannot take the strain of poor sleep for extended periods. Various other health problems can develop and of course, you stand a better chance of having accidents that may even be fatal.

Reasons for snoring

Snoring is caused by restricted nasal airways, weak muscles in the throat and tongue, constriction of the throat caused by fat, swollen tonsils or bulky adenoids, or an unusually long palate or uvula.

How to treat snoring

You can go for surgery to quit snoring, but for most of us, natural remedies for snoring sound like a better way to cure snoring at night. If you’re able to change your sleep position, you may be able to get relief from snoring. Try propping yourself into a different position with your pillows. However, this is easier said than done and we invariably return to our habitual sleep position without realising it or have difficulty in sleeping in the new position.

Losing weight is good advice, but it’s not a remedy that works instantly. Avoiding alcohol can help to reduce snoring and exercising more is also beneficial. However, if you want to know how to fix snoring instantly, a mouthguard for snoring is the best solution.

How to reduce snoring with a stop snoring mouthpiece

There aren’t any permanent, non-invasive cures for snoring, but preventing snoring with the help of an anti-snore mouthpiece is one of the best and simplest remedies. Here’s how it works: the actual sound of snoring is caused by constriction of the throat which then vibrates noisily every time we breathe.

The anti-snore mouthpiece looks a bit like a regular mouthguard, but it supports the jaw comfortably, pushing it slightly forward so that the airways remain open. If you don’t fancy sleeping with something in your mouth, you can also get jaw supports that you wear externally that have the same effect.

If the airway is nicely open, you won’t snore! There’s no need for expensive corrective surgery when you can stop snoring with ease thanks to these affordable, simple and ingenious devices.

How do I know which anti-snoring devices work best?

As with all products, you get good ones, mediocre ones and bad ones. We’re making it easy for you to decide by bringing you reviews and comparisons for a wide variety of devices and brands. Pick the one that’s best for you, and look forward to a good night’s rest. Men and women who snore really can get relief from their embarrassing and potentially dangerous snoring problems.

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